Thought For The Day

  • “Live In A Way That Is Full Of Life-For Yourself,
    For Your Loved Ones,
    For Your Friends”
  • “To Be What We Are,
    And To Become What We Are Capable Of Becoming,
    Is The Only End Of Life”
  • “Keep Your Face To The Sunshine And You Cannot See The Shadows”
  • “Faith And Strength…
    Help You Go Through Tough Times”
  • “Big Lesson Of Life Are Learnt From Little Mistakes”
  • “Being With Little Efforts,
    That Add On To Make A Big Difference In Your Life”
  • Do Not Be Afraid Of Going Slowly,
    But Of Standing Still”
  • In Life We Shall Find Many Men Who Are Great,
    And Some Who Are Good,
    But Very Few Men Who Are Both Great And Good”
  • We Are Rich Through What We Give And Poor Through What We Refuse And Keep”
  • “Many Of Life’s Failures Are Men Who Did Not Realize How Close They Were To Success When They Gave Up”
  • “The Art Of Being Wise Is The Art Of Knowing What To Overlook”
  • “Hold Fast To Your Dreams,
    For If Dreams Die,
    Life Is A Broken-Winged Bird That Cannot Fly”
  • “Anyone Who Has Has A Long Life Of Experiences Is Worth Listening To,
    Worth Emulating, And Worth Making A Friend”
  • “Find A Place Where The Sun Shines,
    Soft And Warm And Your Thoughts Can Dreamily Drift Away”
  • “Savour The Splendid Grace Of Everyday Things”
  • “Life Is Sometimes Made Of The Small Moments Of Contentment,
    You Find In The Quiet Corners Of Your Day”
  • “He Is Great Who Can Do What He Wishes,
    He Is Wise Who Wishes To Do What He Can”
  • “Doubt Your Doubts But Not Your Beliefs”
  • “We Cannot Direct The Wind…
    But We Can Adjust The Sails”
  • “You Will Become As Small As Your Controlling Desires,
    As Great As Your Dominant Aspiration”
  • “Only Those Who Dare To Fail Greatly Can Achieve Greatly”
  • “One Of The Greatest Thing In Life Is Not So Much Where We Are,
    But In What Direction We Are Moving”
  • “Life Consists Not In Holding Good Cards But In Playing Well Those You Hold”
  • “There Are Three Ingredients In The Good Life : Learning, Earning And Enjoying What You Do”
  • “If Life Doesn’t Offer A Game Worth Playing,
    Then Invent A New One”
  • “Change And Growth Take Place When A Person Has Risked Himself And Dares To Become Involved With Experimenting With His Own Life”
  • “Risks Must Be Taken,
    Because The Greatest Hazard In Life Is To Risk Nothing”
  • “There Is Nothing Holier In This Life Of Ours Than The First Consciousness Of Love”
  • “Life Become Useless And Insipid When We No Longer Have Either Friends Or Enemies”
  • “Life Is Not A Problem To Be Solved,
    But A Reality To Be Experienced”
  • “Life Isn’t Worth Living Unless You’re Willing To Take Some Big Chances”
  • “Learn From Yesterday,
    Live For Today,
    Hope For Tomorrow”
  • “Life Is Easier Than You’d Think,
    All That Is Necessary Is To Accept The Impossible,
    Do Without The Indispensable,
    And Bear The Intolerable”
  • “There Is Only One Success – To Be Able To Spend Your Life In Your Own Way”
  • “There Must Be More To Life Having Everything”
  • “You Only Live Once – But If You Work It Right,
    Once Is Enough”
  • “Our Own Life Is The Instrument With Which We Experiment With The Truth”
  • “The Be-All And End-All Of Life Should Not Be To Get Rich,
    But Enrich The World”
  • “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over,
    Smile Because It Happened”
  • “If We Don’t Change,
    We Don’t Grow,
    If We Don’t Grow,
    We Aren’t Really Living”
  • “First, Do Not Regret Having Lost Yesterday:
    Second, Do Not Fear That You Will Lose Tomorrow:
    Third, Enjoy Today”
  • “Life Is 10% What Happens To Us And 90% How We React To It”
  • “If We Think Happy Thoughts,
    We Will Be Happy,
    If We Think Miserable Thoughts,
    We Will Be Miserable”
  • “All Animals Except Man Know That The Ultimate Point Of Life Is To Enjoy It”
  • “Trouble Is A Part Of Your Life – If You Don’t Share It,
    You Don’t Share It,
    You Don’t Give The Person Who Loves You A Chance To Love You Enough”
  • “Promise Yourself To Live Your Life As A Revolution And Not Just A Process Of Evolution”
  • “When You Were Born,
    You Cried And The World Rejoiced,
    Live Your Life In Such A Way So That When You Die The World Cries And You Rejoice”
  • “Time Is The Coin Of Your Life,
    It Is The Only Coin You Have And Only You Can Determine How It Will Be Spent”
  • “Even If You’re Not Responsible For Your Situation,
    You’re Certainly Responsible For Your Reaction To It”
  • “The Way To Develop The Best That Is In A Person Is By Appreciation And Encouragement”
  • “A Man Would Be A Fool To Take His Luck For Granted”
  • “The Greatest Test Of Courage On The Earth Is To Bear Defeat Without Losing Heart”
  • “It Is Our Choice And Not The Opinion Of Good Or Evil That Determines Our Character”
  • “The Tragedy Of Life Is Not That It Ends So Soon,
    But That We Wait So Long To Begin It”
  • “It Is Not The Length Of Life,
    But The Depth Of Life That Matters”
  • “Do Not Dwell In The Past,
    Do Not Dream Of The Future,
    Concentrate The Mind On The Present Moment”
  • “Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle,
    You Don’t Fall Off
    Unless You Plan To Stop Peddling”
  • “Live As If There Is No Tomorrow,
    Learn As If You Were To Live Forever”
  • “We Make A Living By What We Get And We Make A Life By What We Give”
  • “Every Human Being Should Be Taught That His First Duty Is To Take Care Of Himself”
  • “There Are No Mistakes,
    No Coincidences,
    All Events Are Blessings Given To Us To Learn From”
  • “Learn To Get In Touch with Silence Within Yourself,
    And Know That Everything In This Life Has A Purpose”
  • “When You Do Anything New,
    At First People Laugh At You,
    Then They Challenge You,
    Then They Watch You Succeed,
    And Then…
    They Wish They Are Like You”
  • “Life Sometimes Becomes So Selfish
    That It Wants Everything.
    But While Trying For Everything,
    We Miss Something That Is Worth Everything.”

Megha Ganatra