Cosmic Rays will be Entering Earth From Mars

Just received this SMS from one of my friends,

Tonight 1:30 to 4:30 cosmic rays will be entering earth 4rm mars so kindly switch off your mobile phones tonight – nasa bbc news- please pass this message to all your friends for safety.

Started Googling about it, and found that its a fake message, Friends dont panic or spread such SMS or Email to anyone, NASA and BBC also does not have this news as the headlines or even normal news on their website, so how can just a random person predict such thing?

While searching about this message I tumbled upon a site where I also found that this message is been revolving around since more then a year and after that when I have Googled about it, its become almost 2 years,
So Since 2 Years till today their is no such Cosmic Ray that has yet entered Earth, and I dont think it will come and harm you today too.

So friends, don’t believe such Mails and dont fwd such SMS, the phone companies are making money out of this and you are loosing your hard earned money,

So just press that Delete button for such SMS or Email.

EnjoyYY!!! 🙂

Buy Eco Friendly Ganpati

Source: E-Coexist

I had mentioned this last year [2009] too about Eco Friendly Ganpati, and here want to spread this message once again,

Its about Eco Friendly Ganpati, the festival brings lots of happiness to peoples heart and home, but what about the environment ?

No one thinks about the environment even after told again and again to not to pollute the environment,

Because of Ganpati Immersion our water is getting polluted alot, here you get to see the condition of water,

Source: E-Coexist

and here is what happens to the Fishes because of the chemical they use in making the idol

Source: E-Coexist

Why do you want to drink such water, even though it gets purified and comes to you, but look what you do to it,

Now to stop this, we are the one who can help it, we those who get Ganpati at home, because there are n-number of small Ganpati’s being immersed  everyyear, and we can reduce the polution by buying eco friendly Ganpati and immersing those at the artificial ponds.

Here is the list of address and phone numbers of people & shops who sell the Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols,

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Get Educated

I feel so good that today even the uneducated kids know the importance of education,

Just saw second example, one is in my family and other a neighbour, the kid was not interested in studying, but the father must have asked him to atleasst complete graduation

But he didnt do that because he wanted his son to continue his business… the plan was if he doesnt study further, he will continue the family business and name,

And he was successfull.

But now the son is feeling the need of education and want to be a free bird, and arguing with father.

So those kids, who think education is boring, please wake up, get educated, if not anything else then complere the graduation atleast.

And parents, dont stop your kids from completing their studies, even if they want to, please encorage them to study,


Mumbai University’s Irresponsible Behavior

This is ridiculous, i just read on the Mumbai University site that the students appearing for April 2010 exam will have to give old syllabus exam.

How can they do something like this to the students right before 15 days of exams, how can  they announce such pathetic news?

Students who has taken tuitions or classes will get the guidance but what about those who are studying on thr own?

How can the University be so irresponsible for announcing such a big thing so late?

Half of the students dont even know what is Old and Revised Syllabus, how are they going to come out of such a big shock ?

This is really a shameful thing on the university’s end, i am really disappointed at the University people, they must not do such thing to the students.

Here is what university has Announced on their site:

T.Y.B.Com Students will appear old syllabus. All the IDOL Students appearing for T.Y. B.Com Examination, Conducted in April 2010, have to attempt the old question paper, as per old syllabus in the following subjects

1. Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper ? I (F.A.)
2. Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper ? II ( Costing & Auditing)
3. Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper ? III (M.A.)
4. Direct & Indirect Taxes .

Dates : 5th March, 2010.

Professor cum Director


I am a very short tempered person, gets angry on every other minute and thing tht i dont like.

And that has taught me that i have many times ignored or said something bad to people who are expressing their feelings to me for them whom they don’t like or get irritated with… not knowing that how they are feeling ..

But now when i realise that i am getting mad at xyz person and the reason is this, and then when i recollect same feelings of them who had sometime shared their same feelings with me and i had ignored them or had given a lecture of being nice to others,i feel like saying sorry to them for not understanding them in past.

How will they be nice to others if others are not nice to them, when i met those not so nice or irritating people i got the same feelings… now even i feel like sharing those same feelings to them who had shared with me once….

BUT.. i can not, i can not because of many reasons,

They were lucky that i was their with them to listen to what they are saying, also they were unlucky because i was the one listening to them but not the one who understood them, i wish i had, i wish i had not said that “dont talk to me if you want to say something bad for xyz and abc, you better say good things about them or dont tell me anything, i dont want to talk to you”….

Also i feel that its my punishment of not being able to share my feelings with them because i had said something like this and for not understanding them, today i feel i was rude, i didnt try to understand them, i was unable to understand, i am sorry, i couldnt understand you, i am sorry that i said not to talk to me, i am sorry that i couldn’t put myself in your shoe and think from your point, i am sorry, now i will always be with you , be it anything, i will first understand you, then others, you are most important for me and not those people…

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