Buy Eco Friendly Ganpati

Source: E-Coexist

I had mentioned this last year [2009] too about Eco Friendly Ganpati, and here want to spread this message once again,

Its about Eco Friendly Ganpati, the festival brings lots of happiness to peoples heart and home, but what about the environment ?

No one thinks about the environment even after told again and again to not to pollute the environment,

Because of Ganpati Immersion our water is getting polluted alot, here you get to see the condition of water,

Source: E-Coexist

and here is what happens to the Fishes because of the chemical they use in making the idol

Source: E-Coexist

Why do you want to drink such water, even though it gets purified and comes to you, but look what you do to it,

Now to stop this, we are the one who can help it, we those who get Ganpati at home, because there are n-number of small Ganpati’s being immersed  everyyear, and we can reduce the polution by buying eco friendly Ganpati and immersing those at the artificial ponds.

Here is the list of address and phone numbers of people & shops who sell the Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols,

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Get Educated

I feel so good that today even the uneducated people know the importance of education.

Just saw second example, one is in my family and other a neighbour, the kid was not interested in studying, but the father should have asked him to at least complete graduation.

But he didn’t do that, because he wanted his son to continue his business, the plan was if he doesn’t study further, he will continue the family business and name.

And he was successful.

But now the son is feeling the need of education and want to be a free bird, and argues with father every now and then.

So those kids, who think education is boring, please wake up, get educated, if not anything else then complete the graduation at least.

And parents, don’t stop your kids from completing their studies, even if they want to, please encourage them to study,


Is thr a real Time Machine ?

Just found a photo on internet of an imaginary image of Time Machine made by someone somewhere in this world.

and i thought, i wish thr was a real Time Machine in this world, through which we could go back or forward in time ,

I wish i could find one .. and see whts in past and future … so exciting  …

I wish to sit on that red chair of this machine.. i wish to meet everyone who has been with me in my past, last birth…  those who will meet me in future, ppl whom i will meet when i will be born again … what i was in my last birth, what i will be in my next birth …

one day.. i will find something new .. unusual…

I will … I will 🙂

Aloo Paratha

No, Thr is no Aloo Paratha Recipe here…

Thr was a Draft in my control pannel since long, named Aloo Paratha, where i had actually put a recipe of Aloo Paratha, but because of my lazyness and busy schedule i couldnt post it , it was just copy pasted from my notepad to draft, but the formting was pending.. and finally i deleted it today…

At this moment also … i am feeling sleepy & lazy to even write this post, but i am trying and forcing my best to become active and keep posting here …

Hope i get some time for myself … and start posting again … i see my last post on Dec 31, 2009 and after tht its being stretched….

Its not that i have nothing to write … i have lots and lots to write .. but but but … “chalega” … word has entered in my lifes dictionary and made it worst ..

Chalo .. ‘Der Aae, Durust Aae‘ …

Hope i open this page again in near future ..

Till thn..



Here I have finally uploaded my Aloo Paratha recipe on My Recipe site www.khichdi.inAloo Paratha

Happy New Year “2010”

Days are running  .. actually I can say “flying”…

and you feel that you have not done anything in last year other then slogging …

you make resolutions .. plans… etc etc ..  and nothing comes to an end…

it keeps going on and on … but never lose hope … and keep trying harder and harder to achieve you goal.. and fulfill your wishes…

after all that is what will make you  happy….

so Be True… Work Hard… Enjoy Life … and have a Very Very Happy New Year … 🙂

Megha Ganatra.