Me First..Me First…

Finally my dream has come true , and i am actually jumping ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t know why but i always wanted my site too to come on first number when someone google for “Megha”, just like it happens for Deep’s site .

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Independence Day: August 15

Gyan Time

well i was actually logging in to orkut.. and found this.


so this reminded me of yahoo.. they always have new new stuff on the home page where they play with YAHOO at the left corner on the top of the page … i opened it but they have not updated it with anything related to Independence Day… but i am sure gonna copy that the way i have copied orkut ….

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Since February 2006 I came across this site called when one of my friend invited me to join it.
And i found so many interesting things on this site.. Recently i received a mail from one of my friend from orkut which actually has mentioned all the things that people do on orkut.
It’s funny. But it actually shows what people do ๐Ÿ˜€ haha
ร‚ profile.jpg

This is how Orkut Members Home page looks

And now it’s the time to read the Mail.

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