Johnny Alare…

Thts the name of the show on ZEE TV.
It was suppose to be a good comedy show, but sadly it is not…
I was watching last telecasted episode of this show, Johnny Lever was in a saree with gajra in his hair, lipstick, and all leady makeup…
Asha Bhonslethts wht he was trying to prove him self, by talking, making faces and singing oops acting like singing the way she does….
And trust me. it was all very very very bad attempt…. everything in the show looks obvious acted, all other people sitting around laughs for no reason, its clearly c’n tht they r paid for laughing…
Its a show wr Johnny Lever imitates celebrities, call celebrities and talks to thm ,like wht Shekhar Suman use to do in his show “Movers & Shakers”….
So basically its a copy, oops sorry, its an inspired show from other talk shows like wht our very own Shekhr Suman had earlier.

I don’t know what others have to say, but in my opinion its a bad show, Zee TV will not gain TRP for this show at least.

Megha Patel.

Twinkle Beauty Parlour

Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.


Now a days everyone is wondering how and what will be the concept of the new SAB TV soap “Twinkle Beauty Parlour“.

In the recent past, The weird ad campaign has generated a lot of curiosity. There are photographs of ladies with moustaches going around in search of Twinkle Beauty Parlour, and they do make you feel what will be the serial like? . Continue reading…

Bus Drivers Strike in Mumbai

Today is the Bus Drivers Strike in Bombay, and what else the news reporter and the news channels want ? …
A good masala to improve the TRP
Every news channel shows the same news … and not just the same news also the same video that they had taken 3-4 hrs before in morning and yesterday night .. They r gonna show only those video for whole day and keep repeating the same thing again and again in different words.. and people will sit in front of TV just know whn will the strike get over .. and by the end of the day .. Everyone will go and sleep..
So, What’s the moral? ..
Insted of wasting your time on TV, Save Electricity….
What say ? 😉

Megha Patel.

Indiiiiiiiiaaaaan Idooooool

Thr’s no spelling mistake in the Title..
Its just that they are stretching it too much earlier they were gonna announce the winner on 4th of April, then they said they will announce it on 18th April and now on 18th they said the “Grand Finale” is on 22nd April .. “Don’t forget to watch it“.
The so called “Reality Shows” has also become like the daily K serials.. that keeps stretching one thing for years …

Megha Patel.


A new game show on one of our star channels star one named as “HEARTBEAT
what is it about?..
you will get a question.. and you will get 500 heatbeats…you have to answer and the time will run as fast as your heart beats will run.. thats what they say in the add…am i right ? .. mmm.. yeh, somethign like that … i guess the ancor is Mrs.Sachin.. Sachin means the actor Sachin… not Tendulkar 😉

lets c wht it is .. it not on air … its still “COMING SOON”..

Megha Patel