Me First..Me First…

Finally my dream has come true , and i am actually jumping 😀

I don’t know why but i always wanted my site too to come on first number when someone google for “Megha”, just like it happens for Deep’s site .

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Independence Day: August 15

Gyan Time

well i was actually logging in to orkut.. and found this.


so this reminded me of yahoo.. they always have new new stuff on the home page where they play with YAHOO at the left corner on the top of the page … i opened it but they have not updated it with anything related to Independence Day… but i am sure gonna copy that the way i have copied orkut ….

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Office or Picnic

Its 9.30 AM and you are on the Lokhandwala buss stop right on time ha …. i hope we dont get any traffic today to reach our office at Mulund and our buss number 424 comes on right time…
oh its 10 the buss has not yet come ..
hmm its 10.15…
i think its been almost an hour.. we should go to 4 bungalows so tht we at least get the buss 425.. let us take a rick ro 4 bungalows..
hmm.. its 10.30 now .. i think 425 should come now ..
hmm its 11.. neither 424 nor 425.. what should we do ?
let me ask Deep if its really necessary to come to office or not ..
hmm..i will have to go to office .. chalo lets wait
hey thr the buss comes and its 424… but its full.. hey 425 also came .. thts little emptly.. let us go in 425..
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A Small Journey From Mulund To Andheri

Let us leave at 5.30 from office at Mulund today

see the view from office window .. its so beaurifull .. it should rain today.. let me click a pic
ok let us leave now its 5.30 already
aah.. reached on time at the buss stop..Hey thrs our buss and its at 5.40 PM.. right on time..
aah got a window seat in the buss, so relaxing 🙂
hmm thrs no trafic, cool.. we will reach home early i guess..
oh, Pawai.. still the roads are clear, i am so happy…
hey look at the sky.. we were waiting for this since long :).. its so beautiful and cold out side .. i am sure it will rain now…
hmm the buss is moving pretty fast.. we are sure gonna reach home soon…
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