Happy Birthday Deep

On your First Birthday after our marriage,
Here is my love and wishes just for you,
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day To My Friend Cum Boy Friend,

And Now… Most Loving Husband  🙂

And here is A Very Very Very Happy Birthday To Our Baby Web1 Solutions Who has turned 4 today
Lots Of Love To Both Of You

Megha Deep Ganatra.

For You Deep…

Kahi to.. kahi to
Hogi wo,
Duniya jaha tu mere saath hai..

Jaha mei, jaha tu,
Aur jaha, bus tere mere jazbaat hai,
Hogi jaha subah teri,
Palko ki, kirano mei,
Lori jaha chand ki,
Sune teri baaho mei..

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Mango Sheera

I just made Mango Sheera for My Husband … on his demand ..

He searched this recipe from www.ladvaibhavi.com .. and asked me to make it .. though he does not have any idea about the taste .. he just read the name and thought of eating it … tht’s how he is…

He was actually not talking to me for some stupid reason from half an hour .. but since he learnt tht I am making something new .. he has started being cute to me.. lol… this is one of the reasons why I love him.. to make him talk to you .. you just need to give him something to eat .. lol

Well I am sure the Sheera is tasty .. I have kept it to set in a plate …

BTW here is the recipe

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