Phunny English

I was searching candidates for my company today.. trust me .. its not an easy job…

well thts not the point here..the focus is on something else ….

one of the candidates resume was titled something like this

“carcurmae vate”


Megha Ganatra.

I Dont Believe It … Stop Forcing Me

I don’t believe in God..

I mean .. may be .. thr must be someone or something called God for you .. and the whole world might be believing it …

but as they say in gujarati ” parane preet na karay” [Forcefully you can not make someone fall in love]..

same applies here… if I don’t believe in God… and you think making me do all ritual things related to this so call God thing …. will make me start believing in it …

wont help you… infect I will hate it more.. and go more and more away from it…

I think that is what going to happen to me ..

Hate more what I hate already….


DNA NEWS Paper Gives You Some Knowledge

Government makes me Laugh Sometimes….

My Dear DNA News paper people has given this Gyan [knowledge] in one of the advertisement today on 1st of January 2008.

The Gyan is about Road Crossing Manners, they have actually shown cars parked on one side of the road and people passing by using zebra crossing, but my dear DNA , have you ever thought about the people who use car to travel ? … we can not even see the zebra crossing when the car’s are on the road, on each and every signal the cars are standing on the zebra crossing and beyond zebra crossing limit , so in this situation how do you think commuters will use the ZEBRA CROSSING ?


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To All Traffic Police

I saw Will Smith’s car in Gujarat…. No Kidding.. seriously…

check it out…


please click the image to zoom it , you will come to know why i am writing about this car..

I actually found this car in Gujarat, on the way to a village .. and was wondering how come its roaming around so easily and non of the Traffic Police has stopped him …

I wish I could have got a chance to click the number of this car on the front side… I am still wondering about the car if it was from Gujarat or some other place ..

Megha Patel.

Useless Creatures

This is the car parked by its owner in front of the gate in My Building Compound, he is someone who stays in the building only.


They don’t even know how and where to park the car, God knows who gives license to them,
Even though we have space on the right side, he is suppose to park the car near the wall on the left side…..
Brainless Creatures..

Megha Patel.