Think before you buy branded or any Fur stuff

Its a request to everyone .. please dont Buy or Use Fur stuff you have ..

And till today .. I was not against eating Non-Veg food even though I knew how they cut Chicken and how they cook it because i have seen it  .. but from today I am not going to eat NonVeg at all .. not even Eggs ..




I hate these people who are doing this business.. how can they do this to innocent animals …

and after doing this .. how can they live peacefuly .. imagin someone pealing your skin .. imagin someone hitting you with a knife …

Its a shame on human being..


Megha Ganatra.

Sunday Lunch Treat

As I have been posting new recipes ,I have decided to post few more recipes on this Sunday.

Well the story is that I am making new vegetable every single day and enjoying making it too ….because it actually tast amazing, well I get all these new recipes from Khanakhazana, and I am really thankful to khanakhazana people for having such tasty recipes… actually my husband is a food lover … almost every weekend we eating out…so since I am worried about his tummy … I decided to make all these different vegetables at home everyday..and believe me Continue reading…