Did Sweety and Rohit’s Love Story have a Happy Ending ?

So many people, so many comments and so many questions.

Everyone wants to know if Rohit and Sweety got married or not ? If yes, are they still together ? How is the life after marriage ? What all happened after those conversations with Sweety’s parents ? Did they agree ? How did the marriage took place ?

So here is the second part of the Sweety and Rohit’s Love Story.

Let’s start with how the engagement took place.

After all those talks, Sweety left it on her parents to decide, she knew that her parents will take time, but will agree for her marriage with Rohit. She was so sure about Rohit as her partner for life because of, Rohit’s maturity in understanding the parents’ side and deciding to give them ample of time to think.

Sweety and Rohit were ready to wait even for years, luckily they did not have to wait for long. It took almost a year for Sweety’s parents to agree. Sweety kept asking her parents at least once in a month about what they have thought about her marriage with Rohit ? Their answers were always rude or negative, which was obvious and expected. She kept asking them frequently just to keep them reminding that she is still firm on her relationship with Rohit.

And finally the day came when Sweety’s parents asked her elder brother Parthiv to meet Rohit once and check if he is worth getting their daughter married to him.

Parthiv, who never had an issue with love marriage was always insisting his parents to atleast meet Rohit once, and now though parents had given green signal to talks first step towards This relation, it was Rohit and Sweety’s duty once again to make sure things goes well.

The day was fixed, a lunch date was fixed with Rohit, Parthiv, Sweety. Though Parthiv was quiet cool about the meeting, but he had the huge responsibility of judging the person with whom he was about to give his sisters hand for life, on his openion, his parents were to make an important decision of Sweety’s life.

The day came, Sweety and Parthiv reached the restaurant and waited for Rohit, first impression of Rohit went down when Parthiv saw Rohit in not so formal attire. But later as they started talking and as the time passed, Parthiv liked Rohit and found him a gentleman and the right person for his sister.

Do I need to say anything else ?

Based on Parthiv’s review, Sweety’s parents decided to meet Rohit’s parents, the meeting was fixed at Rohit’s Home, it was awkward but exciting & Emotional moment for both Rohit and Sweety, both were on cloud 9.

I am sure you will be able to relate yourself with this situation.

The engagement was fixed, everything went smooth.

Of course the parents on both the side had their ego and it took couple of more months for them to understand each other and be ready whole heartedly for the marriage. The wedding day knocked the door.. finally. Everything was as perfect as it should be.

And Rohit & Sweety got married, with Parents Blessings of course.

How is the married life going ?

Perfect, the bond is so strong, the connection between them is strange. It’s becoming stronger and stronger each day, they are sharing a beautiful relation with each other along with their parents,

Of course not all love stories ends this way, there must be so many stories turned out to be the worst, so many couples must have got divorce or didn’t even reach to a marriage.

But lets not think about that now, Sweety and Rohit are about to complete 5 successful years of their wedding at the end of December 2012,

So lets wish both Rohit and Sweety a Very Long and Happy Married Life.

Love is bad.. Deep is bad..

I have realised it now…

Falling in love is a bad thing .. I hate that I am in love with Deep..
I am in London at the moment.. far far away from Deep ..
I  thought I am strong enough to live without him..
but dont know how .. and why.. I feel weak without him.. I miss him like anything.. if I dont talk to him on phone for longer time, I feel something is wrong .. something is parting me from him…
I starte worring about him.. I feel like running back to him to India and hug him tight…and tell him that dont you ever let me go away from you.. no matter what reason …
i keep telling everyone .. dont love anyone somuch that you cant live without him.. and I feel I do what I am saying… but I was wrong .. I am doing the opposite of what I say …

its all about I, Me, and My feelings.. I dont know what he is feeling.. I know he feels the same way .. but I am sure he is missing me much more thn I am..

Sorry for leaving you along baby .. miss you 🙁 .. love you :! .. and i wont do it ever again …


Megha Ganatra.

Pissed Off

I am really pissed off on a female who has no sense of speaking infront of others…

she just thinks that her self and her family is the best and perfect… and rest all is bad ..

this is to you lady –

you are the most pathetic person on this earth, if I get a chance I will get all your family secrets out to your relatives …

thn I will see how you speak about others and how you behave rudely to others …

Ifeel like abusing her like hell and give a tight punch on her face so that she cant speak for the rest of her life…

till now i useto feel that “ooh its so bad that her family is suffering from this pain” , but now i feel its good that she is having this pain , i am actually happy  …

she must be punished this way only … blody people dont see what is in thr house and talk about others …

when they need us they be good to us .. and when we try to be friendly with thm and try to help thm because they need us, they become monster … its not even that we need her … its not that we are living on her money … still she acts like this …

i wish i could write her name and exactly what she is doing .. I would have shown her true face to her whole family ..

she will repay … its said that “You reap what you sow” … she will get good amount of pain in her life …

and thn I will actually tell her .. that this is the return for what you had done in past…

Megha Ganatra.


Kyu Aise Chubhti Hai Tujhse Doori,
Kyu Lagti Hai Zindagi Yun Adhuri,
Chua Kisi Ne Tujhko To Laga Ki,
Dil Mein Kisi Ne Jaise Aag Laga Ke,
Duniya Jala Di Hai Meri.

Few More Questions…

Why are you alone even when you have everything and everyone you ever wanted ?
Why something is missing even when you are smiling and happy in your life ?
Why is it that you are not entirely happy even when you are on the right path ?
Why is it that to get something, you have to loose something precious in your life ?
Why do we miss few people when you have whole world with you ?
Why do you need them ?

Why ?