Happy New Year “2010”

Days are running  .. actually I can say “flying”…

and you feel that you have not done anything in last year other then slogging …

you make resolutions .. plans… etc etc ..  and nothing comes to an end…

it keeps going on and on … but never lose hope … and keep trying harder and harder to achieve you goal.. and fulfill your wishes…

after all that is what will make you  happy….

so Be True… Work Hard… Enjoy Life … and have a Very Very Happy New Year … 🙂

Megha Ganatra.

Happy another Birthday to Me :)

As usual , got a surprise at 12 AM from Deep … 🙂

then he enjoyed food at a place called “Say Cheese” in town..

18th Birthday morning, because it was my birthday, i was not suppose to do any work.. so i got up late …  and Deep sacrificing his 1 whole day from work took me to lunch keeping his all imp work pending … and thn we watched this new released movie AVATAR at Imax Wadala… this was again a surprise.. he reminded me our old days .. when we were dating each other .. he useto take me to imax and we spend our weekends at this place.. eating , gaming and watching movies …haha.. thank you Deep 🙂 you made my day ….

oh btw .. Avatar is amazing movie.. must watch..

and then went to “Chokhi Dhani” with Family for dinner … and this place too made my day fun filled … i love this place .. you guys make sure you visit thr once …

oh ya .. Deeps gift …

he bought HIS favorite thing….. a supper cozy quilt for me .. which he loves more then me .. hahahaha ..

and the day ends ….

but .. 19th night .. he makes me sit late till 3 AM gives his half work which he had kept pending because of my birthday… and we both finishes it .. haha …

but it was fun working last night till late … we actually enjoyed it … hahaha…

I dont think i would have been happy with anyone else in my life .. Deep is the best thing ever happened to me … Thank you for the surprises and aalllllllllllll love you give me 🙂 here is something for you ….

Tu he meri hai sari zameen,
Chahe kahi se chalu,
Tujhpe he aake ruku,
Tere bina mai jau jaha,
Koi bhi raah chunu,
Tujhpe he aake ruku,
Tum mile to lamhe tham gaye,
Tum mile to sare gum gaye,
Tum mile to muskurana aagaya,
Tum mile to jadu chagaya,
Tum mile to jeena aagaya,
Tum mile to maine paya hai khuda.

Megha Ganatra

Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar

Chaand bhi dekha,
Phool bhi dekha,
Baadal, bijli, titli, jugnu,
Koi nahin hai aisa,
Tera husn hai jaisa,

Meri nigaah ne ye kaisa khwaab dekha hai,
Zameen pe chalta hua mahathab dekha hai,

Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar,
Kiska chehra,
Kiska chehra ab main dekhoon,
Tera chehra dekhkar,
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar,

Neend bhi dekhi,
Khwaab bhi dekha,
Choodi, bindiya, darpan, khushboo,
Koi nahin hai aisa,
Tera pyaar hai jaisa,

Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar,
Kiska chehra,
Kiska chehra ab main dekhoon,
Tera chehra dekhkar,
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar,

Rang bhi dekha,
Roop bhi dekha,
Rasta, manzil, saahil, mehfil,
Koi nahin hai aisa,
Tera saath hai jaisa,

Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar,
Kiska chehra,
Kiska chehra ab main dekhoon,
Tera chehra dekhkar,
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar,

Bahut khoobsuat hai aankhein tumhaari,
Bana dijiye inko kismat hamari,

Usay aur kya chaahiye zindagi mein,
Jise mil gayi mohabbat tumhari.

Think before you buy branded or any Fur stuff

Its a request to everyone .. please dont Buy or Use Fur stuff you have ..

And till today .. I was not against eating Non-Veg food even though I knew how they cut Chicken and how they cook it because i have seen it  .. but from today I am not going to eat NonVeg at all .. not even Eggs ..




I hate these people who are doing this business.. how can they do this to innocent animals …

and after doing this .. how can they live peacefuly .. imagin someone pealing your skin .. imagin someone hitting you with a knife …

Its a shame on human being..


Megha Ganatra.

Sleeping Like A Baby … huh ???

I am at my Sister’s Place in London… She has delivered a Cute little Baby Boy who came One month early ..

Named Arin .. its a sanskrit word which mean ‘ The one who does not have any enemy ‘ …

now this is not the imp part … what i am trying to say is ..

i was enjoying London weather, and play time with Arin … suddenly Arins Daddy catches cold .. and so he will not be staying near Arin now .. because babies catches germs quickly .. so my Jiju will be sleeping in my Room and i am shifted with Didi and Arin in thr room …

And now the part came which made me google the phrase “Sleeping Like A Baby” .. and as a result i found is … “It mean  that you wake up every half-hour and cry and want food”

Hope you have understood what i am trying to say …

I slept in Didi’s room last night .. first of all i couldnt sleep till 1 .. because i have got habit of sleeping by 1 or 1.30 …

so.. Didi made Arin sleep at 10 and went to sleep as well..

Arin wakes up crying at 11 insted of 12 .. [ babies wake up at every 2 hours for food ]

gave him food and made him sleep…

again he wakes up at around 12 and .. his Mum gives him food and he goes to sleep ..

thn mummy wakes up after 20 min to change his nappie

its 1.15 .. Mummy wakes up .. changes his nappie .. surprisingly he didnt cry .. every one goes to sleep ..

its 2 now .. i felt like i m dreaming .. and thrs a lot of noise around me .. but why cant i see any faces in this dream ? .. wht kind of noise is this ? .. suddenly i wake up from sleep and what i found is .. Arin is crying … and its just 1 hour …

He eats again .. but just for 5 min … Didi keeps him back in his basket .. and he starts crying again ..

this time i told Didi .. tell him to eat more so tht he can sleep for longer hour ..

Didi takes him again and gives food and he goes to sleep

after this .. i have no idea how may time he has cried .. but i know that i have heard him 1000 times crying ..

and seen him twice being nappie changed .. and from 3 To 6 Saw him in Didi’s lap .. Didi is sleeping in sitting position and he is sleeping peacefully …

after 6 he again decides to cry .. and this time he wanted to cry in dolby digital sound system .. i actually kept my hand on my ears so tht i get atleas 0.000000001 or 2 percent less of his volume .. but all my hopes goes off in air in front of his loud crying noise and his smelly poo ..

again .. Didi.. Arin in her lap .. and we 3 go to sleep… its 11 now …. Didi is pushing me to wake me up .. because .. she wants to sleep and hands Arin over me to put him in his Basket … but guess what ? .. he doesnt want to sleep now .. and we put him down in the Lounge with his basket so that he can play …

and i started wondering .. What exactly is “Sleeping Like A Baby” ???


Megha Ganatra.