New Look

A brand new look after a long time,

What do you think does it look like ?

Long Time


Not Just Long, but it has been Too Long that I have not written anything on My  Blog, I would blame Twitter and Facebook, and Work off course,

I thought I will become busy after marriage, but did not know I would become so busy that I wont have time to scribble my thoughts for even 15 minuets in a day,

Anyways, recently someone told me that you have stopped writing which is good to read, and I thought, Really ? Do I actually write good ? because as far as I know My writing and when I read others blogs or articles, My skills are nowhere in writing world, But at second thought I felt, whatever I write, is something what I feel, so its not necessary to know if you write good or bad, you just write for your self,

Thank you to the person who reminded me to write My Blog or I can say My Thoughts.


I am a very short tempered person, gets angry on every other minute and thing tht i dont like.

And that has taught me that i have many times ignored or said something bad to people who are expressing their feelings to me for them whom they don’t like or get irritated with… not knowing that how they are feeling ..

But now when i realise that i am getting mad at xyz person and the reason is this, and then when i recollect same feelings of them who had sometime shared their same feelings with me and i had ignored them or had given a lecture of being nice to others,i feel like saying sorry to them for not understanding them in past.

How will they be nice to others if others are not nice to them, when i met those not so nice or irritating people i got the same feelings… now even i feel like sharing those same feelings to them who had shared with me once….

BUT.. i can not, i can not because of many reasons,

They were lucky that i was their with them to listen to what they are saying, also they were unlucky because i was the one listening to them but not the one who understood them, i wish i had, i wish i had not said that “dont talk to me if you want to say something bad for xyz and abc, you better say good things about them or dont tell me anything, i dont want to talk to you”….

Also i feel that its my punishment of not being able to share my feelings with them because i had said something like this and for not understanding them, today i feel i was rude, i didnt try to understand them, i was unable to understand, i am sorry, i couldnt understand you, i am sorry that i said not to talk to me, i am sorry that i couldn’t put myself in your shoe and think from your point, i am sorry, now i will always be with you , be it anything, i will first understand you, then others, you are most important for me and not those people…

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Is thr a real Time Machine ?

Just found a photo on internet of an imaginary image of Time Machine made by someone somewhere in this world.

and i thought, i wish thr was a real Time Machine in this world, through which we could go back or forward in time ,

I wish i could find one .. and see whts in past and future … so exciting  …

I wish to sit on that red chair of this machine.. i wish to meet everyone who has been with me in my past, last birth…  those who will meet me in future, ppl whom i will meet when i will be born again … what i was in my last birth, what i will be in my next birth …

one day.. i will find something new .. unusual…

I will … I will 🙂

Aloo Paratha

No, Thr is no Aloo Paratha Recipe here…

Thr was a Draft in my control pannel since long, named Aloo Paratha, where i had actually put a recipe of Aloo Paratha, but because of my lazyness and busy schedule i couldnt post it , it was just copy pasted from my notepad to draft, but the formting was pending.. and finally i deleted it today…

At this moment also … i am feeling sleepy & lazy to even write this post, but i am trying and forcing my best to become active and keep posting here …

Hope i get some time for myself … and start posting again … i see my last post on Dec 31, 2009 and after tht its being stretched….

Its not that i have nothing to write … i have lots and lots to write .. but but but … “chalega” … word has entered in my lifes dictionary and made it worst ..

Chalo .. ‘Der Aae, Durust Aae‘ …

Hope i open this page again in near future ..

Till thn..



Here I have finally uploaded my Aloo Paratha recipe on My Recipe site www.khichdi.inAloo Paratha