To All Traffic Police

I saw Will Smith’s car in Gujarat…. No Kidding.. seriously…

check it out…


please click the image to zoom it , you will come to know why i am writing about this car..

I actually found this car in Gujarat, on the way to a village .. and was wondering how come its roaming around so easily and non of the Traffic Police has stopped him …

I wish I could have got a chance to click the number of this car on the front side… I am still wondering about the car if it was from Gujarat or some other place ..

Megha Patel.

Ban Sacred Evil

After the hue and cry raised by Catholic organisations over ‘Da Vinci Code’ , now the Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) has asked the censor board to also ban the forthcoming film ‘Sacred Evil’.

i wonder what will happen when these catholic organisation people will go to U.S …. they will not let any movie to be released by finding one scean wrong according to the catholic religion. Continue reading…

Da Vinci on hold for another day

Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) has filed a petition at the Bombay High Court seeking action against Censor Board chief Sharmila Tagore for clearing Da Vinci Code.

The Board is expected to meet on Thursday and take a final decision later that evening.

If The book is allowed to be published then why not the movie ?
is it a publicity stunt ?


Megha Patel.



Leave your brains at home while watching the film.

Deepak Tijori’s comedy does not make any sense.
I reached to the theater few mins late; I wish I had missed the whole movie.
The theater was empty, thr were hardly 20 people in the theater

The concept is some what like ALL THE BEST [play] and PADOSAN in this film. Continue reading…

36 China Town Movie Review

In Short: – One rich lady is murdered and one cop solves the case.

The lady is Isha Koppikar… who is the owner of “36 china town casino” , her 2 years old child gets kidnapped .. then she gets killed and Akshaye Khanna is the cop who will solves the case ,its a suspense story ,which entertains you till end with the humor & good acting by the actors. Continue reading…