Cosmic Rays will be Entering Earth From Mars

Just received this SMS from one of my friends,

Tonight 1:30 to 4:30 cosmic rays will be entering earth 4rm mars so kindly switch off your mobile phones tonight – nasa bbc news- please pass this message to all your friends for safety.

Started Googling about it, and found that its a fake message, Friends dont panic or spread such SMS or Email to anyone, NASA and BBC also does not have this news as the headlines or even normal news on their website, so how can just a random person predict such thing?

While searching about this message I tumbled upon a site where I also found that this message is been revolving around since more then a year and after that when I have Googled about it, its become almost 2 years,
So Since 2 Years till today their is no such Cosmic Ray that has yet entered Earth, and I dont think it will come and harm you today too.

So friends, don’t believe such Mails and dont fwd such SMS, the phone companies are making money out of this and you are loosing your hard earned money,

So just press that Delete button for such SMS or Email.

EnjoyYY!!! 🙂

You Have Got A Spam SMS

Here are few spam SMSs even after I have DND services activated on my Vodafone mobile .

TA- Sisly – 01 July 2009

TM – ADIDAS – 01 July 2009

TM – RAIL PNR –29 June 2009

9221433401 – 28 June 2009

Student – 28 June 2009

TM- Enjoy – 09 June 2009

TA- Friend – 10 June 2009

TA – Benetton – 12 June 2009

AM-ICICI Bank – 12 June 2009

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Hutch Network Sucks Big Time

A call from Hutch to Hutch Network [Mulund West To Andheri West]
A- My Friend
B- My Self

1st Time
A-what are you doing?
B- What?
A-Wh ae ou do?
B- Ha?
A- a a o o ?
B- hellooooo
B- hellooooo
[Phone gets disconnected automatically]

2nd Time
A-What are you doing?
B- I am on net, Doing some work
A-ok, so today we are meeting at 3 pm
B- What?
A- Today we ar mee pm
B- What today we?
A- Arre to we mee
B- What are you saying? You voice is breaking
A- I said tod we a m p
[Phone gets disconnected automatically]

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