Gujarat Samachar – April 22, 2006

Breaking News: – While shooting for the movie “GuruAishwarya Rai met an accident,
Riding a bicycle Aishwarya Rai crashed in to a No Entry board : and the shooting got canceled.

Isn’t it a Breaking News ?
What the HELL … Continue reading…

Bus Drivers Strike in Mumbai

Today is the Bus Drivers Strike in Bombay, and what else the news reporter and the news channels want ? …
A good masala to improve the TRP
Every news channel shows the same news … and not just the same news also the same video that they had taken 3-4 hrs before in morning and yesterday night .. They r gonna show only those video for whole day and keep repeating the same thing again and again in different words.. and people will sit in front of TV just know whn will the strike get over .. and by the end of the day .. Everyone will go and sleep..
So, What’s the moral? ..
Insted of wasting your time on TV, Save Electricity….
What say ? 😉

Megha Patel.

Mumbai University or Fish Market ?

Yesterday I had gone to Mumbai University at Kalina to get my Hall Ticket.
Before entering the University premises I found more then 1000 people roaming out side of the gate.. as I entered in I saw same thing.. Crowd was huge.. And when I reached the building where I was gonna get my hall ticket.. I don’t have words to explain how crowded it was.. I cant even call it fish market.. I will say bhuleshwar is better then thisContinue reading…

Who will obey the rules? BEST Drivers?… Neh

Yesterday I was going by our BEST BUS,
I was thinking why they have made traffic rules, when the government employees don’t obey them,
The bus driver was driving so rough, that he could have banged the bus with 2 small cars.. One Maruti 800, and other at Santacruz airport Indica… Continue reading…

Darna Mana Hai

Do not receive calls from these two numbers, it can harm your mobile phone, 9841551558, 9884140540….these numbers are virus numbers.”

This is the SMS I had received from someone… for this i will say.. its crap…

One Hindi news paper had printed the article relating to “Bhootia Number” … sounds funny right? .. Yeh … It is …don’t think much about it … Continue reading…