Eco Friendly Ganpati

I was searching for Eco friendly Ganpati since last 2 years but couldnt find any, and today while surfing I just dropped on to a site where I found this information ..

here is the address that the site has mentioned from where we cam buy Eco Friendly Ganpati and they have also given different phone numbers..


Indian Education Society’s New English School,
Govt. School,
Kherwadi, opp. Police Station,
Bandra (E).


  • Anil Chaubal-9320055911
  • Yogesh-9819287444
  • Dhoop Crafts, Khar-9322230788
  • Green Ways, Peddar Road-9820562063
  • Ramesh Sheth, Andheri-9869254935
  • Radhika Arora, Juhu-9821017349
  • Culture Shop, Powai-9322741705
  • Mr. Waghaule-9821043505

I dont know how many of these numbers must be working … cause I have not called just try it if you are interested …

And I would request all you people to please please please buy Eco friendly Ganpati and save our Environment .. ūüôā

Megha Ganatra.

Pissed Off

I am really pissed off on a female who has no sense of speaking infront of others…

she just thinks that her self and her family is the best and perfect… and rest all is bad ..

this is to you lady –

you are the most pathetic person on this earth, if I get a chance I will get all your family secrets out to your relatives …

thn I will see how you speak about others and how you behave rudely to others …

Ifeel like abusing her like hell and give a tight punch on her face so that she cant speak for the rest of her life…

till now i useto feel that “ooh its so bad that her family is suffering from this pain” , but now i feel its good that she is having this pain , i am actually happy¬† …

she must be punished this way only … blody people dont see what is in thr house and talk about others …

when they need us they be good to us .. and when we try to be friendly with thm and try to help thm because they need us, they become monster … its not even that we need her … its not that we are living on her money … still she acts like this …

i wish i could write her name and exactly what she is doing .. I would have shown her true face to her whole family ..

she will repay … its said that “You reap what you sow” … she will get good amount of pain in her life …

and thn I will actually tell her .. that this is the return for what you had done in past…

Megha Ganatra.

This is how Indian Speed Post works…

Your important documents are dispatched on 17th July 2009 from London and you have not yet received, it’s 28th July 2009

you have tracking ID but shows

“The movement particulars of RJxxxxxxxxxGB are as follows:
No data available at present‚ÄĚ

And this is the status from the first day.

Now you decide to call and inquire at the Indian Speed Post Office, you find the number from just dial

You get these numbers of Andheri West post office – 26288290/ 26283040

On one of these numbers they ask you to call at foreign post office, Foreign post office number given by them is Р22613780

Now foreign post office gives this number – 22611791 and ask you to talk to Mr.gayakwad or Mr.rane, according to foreign post office people this is their call center [ my first question is , how can you have 2 people in your call center? , anyways ]

And one of those two gives this number – 26156874

Here i get a new kind of information which says .. the post first goes to Delhi and thn comes to Bombay.. and they gave a new number which they say is of Delhis number – 01126882756 …¬†And when you call them on Delhi number…

guess what?¬† Continue reading…

Junk Mails…


Raise your hand if you liked the picture ….

well this is the mail i received today from a friend … and believe me i hate all these kind of junks which says .. forward this picture to 10 or 20 ppl otherwise you will receive bad luck and if you send it you will have a good luck and they actually give examples of people getting worst things happening to thm if they dont send the picture and good things happening around people who has forwarded the picture..

this mail is also same kind .. i dont know whose picture is this .. and if its some God’s picture thn i dont even know which God he/she is …

Believe me, from the mail… i counted .. some 8 people has sent this mail to around 100 people .. and i m sure atleast 50 out of thm must have done the same thing …

why cant people understand that this wont help them winning some crores of rupees just by wasting thr time in sending such mails .. rather use your brain in some creative thing that will help you to earn good and GROW UP…

this is what the mail read’s after the picture ….

Class 1 Officer of Indian government¬† received this picture and called it ‘junk mail’, 8 days later his husband died. A man received this picture and immediately sent out copies…his surprise was winning the¬† 10 crore rupees¬† & promotion in job

T. Ratan  received this picture, gave it to his secretary to make copies but they forgot to distribute: she lost her job and he lost his family.

This picture is miraculous and sacred, don’t forget to forward this within 1 days to at least 20 people. Do Not Forget to forward and you will receive a huge surprise

this is to those who forward such mails and believes in God …..

if you really believe in God .. thn please for God’s sake … stop sending such mails .. you are actually making no sence out of it and making a fool of yourself … so just STOP IT …

Megha Ganatra.