Surprise !!!

Isn’t it fun when you expect something good and you know its not possible, you are sad about not getting what you want but it Actually happens to you.

It’s like a wish come true 😀

Well here I am talking about a Birthday Surprise on Deep’s Special Day.

 cake1.jpg 1st Birthday Cake

It was Deep, My Good Friend’s Birthday on Friday 13th October ‘2006

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EsselWorld Rocks.
Specially when you are with your Group Enjoying making video and clicking pics …
25th May 2006… A Fun Day with friends Again …
My Day Started at 6.00 Am .. by mistake … i kept the alarm at 6.00 AM, after getting up i woke up one of my friend at 6.30 am saying its 7.30 … haha … i realized it that its 6.30 when he told me its 6.30 and u were suppose to wake me up at 7.30 … hehe
then i had to reach 7 bungalows by 9 am .. And also pick one of my friend from 7 bungalows depot … i went at depot.. Waited for half an hour for my friend … and enjoyed that half an hour with water drops ..and nice songs on radio[it was drizzling]
Finally we all met and left for Esselworld by 10 or so.. we went to Machlimar near Yari Road .. thr we took a jetty [small boat].. that drops us at malad in very less time … Continue reading…