I Dont Believe It … Stop Forcing Me

I don’t believe in God..

I mean .. may be .. thr must be someone or something called God for you .. and the whole world might be believing it …

but as they say in gujarati ” parane preet na karay” [Forcefully you can not make someone fall in love]..

same applies here… if I don’t believe in God… and you think making me do all ritual things related to this so call God thing …. will make me start believing in it …

wont help you… infect I will hate it more.. and go more and more away from it…

I think that is what going to happen to me ..

Hate more what I hate already….


My Last Diwali

Its My Last Diwali at My Parents Place, so I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can ..

Generally I enjoy all the festivals, but this time its something different, I dont want to enjoy these Festivals, I dont want days to pass on,I dont want time to move , I dont feel like doing anything..

It hurts when I realize that this is My Last Diwali, Last Holi , Last ..Lats… Last.. I just dont want to go away even for a second from My Parents, But the time is not in My hand, I wish it was in my hand .. I would have stopped it forever…..

Trying to enjoy Diwali the way I have been enjoying every time till now… Continue reading…