Resevation System Sucks

Quota system sucks big time , today while surfing one of my friends [Ashish Mehta] site I came across his post about the quota system.

He says…

I have two doctors in my family, my sister Dr. Tejal Mehta (a homoeopath) and my brother-in-law, Dr. Ashish Mehta (yes, even he is Ashish Mehta  ). He is a neurosurgeon, practising at Mumbai. They both have been toppers who got their admissions on merits and has deservedly become doctors. Now they are taking proper care of their patients. Patients are happy because they know that their doctors are capable of doing what they are doing.

I once asked my brother-in-law about his views on Quota System & SC/ST/OBC Reservations in education. He said most of those who get admitted without merit can’t cope up with the demands of courses and drop out within some time. Thus they don’t benefit by this and they also spoil the chances of someone who deserves to be there. Then he told me about one of his friends who lost admission to MBBS course by a single mark and lost his mental balance. That fellow is still not got back to normalcy and is the only son of a widow mother! All those people must be cursing V.P.Singh and now Arjun Singh from the fathom of their hearts! 
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Mumbai University or Fish Market ?

Yesterday I had gone to Mumbai University at Kalina to get my Hall Ticket.
Before entering the University premises I found more then 1000 people roaming out side of the gate.. as I entered in I saw same thing.. Crowd was huge.. And when I reached the building where I was gonna get my hall ticket.. I don’t have words to explain how crowded it was.. I cant even call it fish market.. I will say bhuleshwar is better then thisContinue reading…