Monkey Orchid


Surprising, Isnt it ?, even I was surprised when I saw the photo of this flower,

Here is a bit of information about this wonderful Flower,

Monkey Orchid, Scientific name “Dracula simia” come from the south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests from elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters,

The orchid was named in 1978 by the botanist Luer but is in a family containing over 120 species mostly found in Ecuador.

Monkey orchid can flower at any time, it needs same treatment as normal orchids, they need to be kept more in shade and needs less of water, these Orchids are not season specific, Its smell resembles that of a ripe orange.

Here are couple of photos of Monkey Orchid,

Did you get a call from number starting from +375

Yes, I did, at 4.21 AM, I thought it must be work or some relative in US or may be UK, but I was wrong,

I got to know this next day on Facebook when I read this,

AVOID SCAM : Guys please take this very seriously : If you get a missed call from a number beginning with +375. Don’t call back on the number. Its a new kind of a Scam. The number is a premium call service – you would be charged Rs 15-30 for one minute of the call you make.

I avoided a call from : +375297298714

Pl share this.

This is what happened with me,

I received this call from +375 (29) 729-87-03 at 4.21 am, I received the phone thinking either its work or relative, but their was no answer, it was all blank and when I checked if the call is still on, it was disconnected already,

I discussed it with My Husband next morning, and he said that even he got the same call at night around 11 pm, but when I called back, it didn’t connect, after this discussion we thought let it be, the person will call again.

And now we saw this message on Facebook,

So, is this true or its yet another joke to fool people for no reason ?

Did you get a call from a number starting from +375 ?

Update (3-08-2012):

Received calls from two more numbers +44 7937 947113 and +44 7937 947157 when I receive, it gets disconnected, happen thrice.

Long Time


Not Just Long, but it has been Too Long that I have not written anything on My  Blog, I would blame Twitter and Facebook, and Work off course,

I thought I will become busy after marriage, but did not know I would become so busy that I wont have time to scribble my thoughts for even 15 minuets in a day,

Anyways, recently someone told me that you have stopped writing which is good to read, and I thought, Really ? Do I actually write good ? because as far as I know My writing and when I read others blogs or articles, My skills are nowhere in writing world, But at second thought I felt, whatever I write, is something what I feel, so its not necessary to know if you write good or bad, you just write for your self,

Thank you to the person who reminded me to write My Blog or I can say My Thoughts.