Get Educated

I feel so good that today even the uneducated kids know the importance of education,

Just saw second example, one is in my family and other a neighbour, the kid was not interested in studying, but the father must have asked him to atleasst complete graduation

But he didnt do that because he wanted his son to continue his business… the plan was if he doesnt study further, he will continue the family business and name,

And he was successfull.

But now the son is feeling the need of education and want to be a free bird, and arguing with father.

So those kids, who think education is boring, please wake up, get educated, if not anything else then complere the graduation atleast.

And parents, dont stop your kids from completing their studies, even if they want to, please encorage them to study,



  1. Nilesh   •  

    Good inspiration …….. megha keep it up …….

  2. Megha   •  

    Thank you Arpan 🙂

  3. ARPAN   •  

    very true
    your page is really cute and nice

  4. Megha Chandola   •  

    very well said..
    many people don’t undersatnd the importance of education in today’s times. education helps you to lead ur life better,, helps u in growth,, let u think out of the box,, helps you create your own decision… in short opens the door in entirely new world where you can explore yourself.. rather than follow others.

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