Mumbai University’s Irresponsible Behavior

This is ridiculous, i just read on the Mumbai University site that the students appearing for April 2010 exam will have to give old syllabus exam.

How can they do something like this to the students right before 15 days of exams, how can  they announce such pathetic news?

Students who has taken tuitions or classes will get the guidance but what about those who are studying on thr own?

How can the University be so irresponsible for announcing such a big thing so late?

Half of the students dont even know what is Old and Revised Syllabus, how are they going to come out of such a big shock ?

This is really a shameful thing on the university’s end, i am really disappointed at the University people, they must not do such thing to the students.

Here is what university has Announced on their site:

T.Y.B.Com Students will appear old syllabus. All the IDOL Students appearing for T.Y. B.Com Examination, Conducted in April 2010, have to attempt the old question paper, as per old syllabus in the following subjects

1. Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper ? I (F.A.)
2. Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper ? II ( Costing & Auditing)
3. Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper ? III (M.A.)
4. Direct & Indirect Taxes .

Dates : 5th March, 2010.

Professor cum Director

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  1. sometimes its bad, if you ask for the results they themselves dont know when it will be coming, and the KT results take a long long time to come…..

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