Is thr a real Time Machine ?

Just found a photo on internet of an imaginary image of Time Machine made by someone somewhere in this world.

and i thought, i wish thr was a real Time Machine in this world, through which we could go back or forward in time ,

I wish i could find one .. and see whts in past and future … so exciting  …

I wish to sit on that red chair of this machine.. i wish to meet everyone who has been with me in my past, last birth…  those who will meet me in future, ppl whom i will meet when i will be born again … what i was in my last birth, what i will be in my next birth …

one day.. i will find something new .. unusual…

I will … I will 🙂


  1. unknown   •  

    If there is no time machine,I am sure someone will built it.

  2. Megha   •  

    Yeh.. Probably they are not talking about it … cause science is so much ahead … I am sure someone must have done the experiment on this …

  3. walt   •  

    In a sense a telescope is a type of time machine because it allows you to see what other galaxies, stars clusters, ect. looked like several million years ago depending on their distance from us. As far as a time machine that would allow you to physically move in time it is possible but only into the future. The problem is you can’t get back, you have to stay in the future. As yet no one has done this, or at least they are not talking.

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