Happy New Year “2010”

Days are running  .. actually I can say “flying”…

and you feel that you have not done anything in last year other then slogging …

you make resolutions .. plans… etc etc ..  and nothing comes to an end…

it keeps going on and on … but never lose hope … and keep trying harder and harder to achieve you goal.. and fulfill your wishes…

after all that is what will make you  happy….

so Be True… Work Hard… Enjoy Life … and have a Very Very Happy New Year … 🙂

Megha Ganatra.


  1. Megha   •  

    happy new year megha didi!!!!!!!!! :)))

  2. Avni Patel   •  

    technically this post should be listedf under 1st of jan2010 not 31st dec2009..

  3. Megha   •  

    Yes Niraj .. but we have to live with this .. or just become a Gandhi and change thigs and make thm better thn the way they are …

  4. Megha   •  

    but isnt it true ?

  5. Avni Patel   •  

    deep said days are passing by at a lightening speed..and ur saying they r flying…u both need to make up ur mind…hahhaha

  6. neeraj   •  

    Happy new year, Megha!

    The outset was not so good as three back to back train mishaps created havoc in the nation…! 🙁

  7. prashant saini   •  

    Megha – happy new year to you and your family( deep , ur sister, mummy)

  8. Arjun   •  

    Happy new year to you

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