Happy another Birthday to Me :)

As usual , got a surprise at 12 AM from Deep … πŸ™‚

then he enjoyed food at a place called “Say Cheese” in town..

18th Birthday morning, because it was my birthday, i was not suppose to do any work.. so i got up late … Β and Deep sacrificing his 1 whole day from work took me to lunch keeping his all imp work pending … and thn we watched this new released movie AVATAR at Imax Wadala… this was again a surprise.. he reminded me our old days .. when we were dating each other .. he useto take me to imax and we spend our weekends at this place.. eating , gaming and watching movies …haha.. thank you Deep πŸ™‚ you made my day ….

oh btw .. Avatar is amazing movie.. must watch..

and then went to “Chokhi Dhani” with Family for dinner … and this place too made my day fun filled … i love this place .. you guys make sure you visit thr once …

oh ya .. Deeps gift …

he bought HIS favorite thing….. a supper cozy quilt for me .. which he loves more then me .. hahahaha ..

and the day ends ….

but .. 19th night .. he makes me sit late till 3 AM gives his half work which he had kept pending because of my birthday… and we both finishes it .. haha …

but it was fun working last night till late … we actually enjoyed it … hahaha…

I dont think i would have been happy with anyone else in my life .. Deep is the best thing ever happened to me … Thank you for the surprises and aalllllllllllll love you give me πŸ™‚ here is something for you ….

Tu he meri hai sari zameen,
Chahe kahi se chalu,
Tujhpe he aake ruku,
Tere bina mai jau jaha,
Koi bhi raah chunu,
Tujhpe he aake ruku,
Tum mile to lamhe tham gaye,
Tum mile to sare gum gaye,
Tum mile to muskurana aagaya,
Tum mile to jadu chagaya,
Tum mile to jeena aagaya,
Tum mile to maine paya hai khuda.

Megha Ganatra


  1. priyasuraj   β€’  

    hi mega i don’t know who u r but i really like Ur thoughts i want more &more wordings &quotes from you
    i am priya and i want to be ur frnd


  2. Megha   β€’  

    Hope U Have The best birthday in the whole WORLD U are really sweet didi Where Are U From?????

  3. megha dhaliwal   β€’  

    I wise you very happy new year 2011 your b/f

  4. megha dhaliwal   β€’  

    best web you are so nice

  5. Raj Mehra   β€’  

    lovely website!!!!!

  6. Megha   β€’  

    Thanks a lot Rana Singh and Dhaval Sheth… πŸ™‚

  7. dhaval sheth   β€’  

    Happy b’day!!

  8. rana singh   β€’  


  9. dhawal   β€’  

    hi megha

  10. Megha   β€’  

    yes.. we will go deffinetly when you come to India …

  11. Avni Patel   β€’  

    i want to go to chokhi dani

  12. Megha   β€’  

    haha.. yeh Archana … i am back … and ya definitely do alag posts padhne padte … lol ..
    wish you a very happy new year too ..

  13. Archana   β€’  

    so you came back mumbai? ha.. finally… or else i wud have to read two lonely posts from both of you of celebrating new year alone and all!!! πŸ˜›
    btw, happy new year to both of you!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Anonymous   β€’  

    Belated Happy Birthday πŸ™‚

  15. Arjun   β€’  

    Hi how are you?, Happy Birthday

  16. Megha   β€’  

    thank you neetaj πŸ™‚

    and Deep .. shut up .. you actually surprised me twice .. oky .. now be happy that you have learnt surprising me in just 3 years…

    hmm.. good learner ha … πŸ˜›

  17. Deep Ganatra   β€’  

    Arre I am pretty boring at giving surprises yaar.. this one too was thanda thanda..

  18. neeraj   β€’  

    Happy b’day!!

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