Think before you buy branded or any Fur stuff

Its a request to everyone .. please dont Buy or Use Fur stuff you have ..

And till today .. I was not against eating Non-Veg food even though I knew how they cut Chicken and how they cook it because i have seen it  .. but from today I am not going to eat NonVeg at all .. not even Eggs ..




I hate these people who are doing this business.. how can they do this to innocent animals …

and after doing this .. how can they live peacefuly .. imagin someone pealing your skin .. imagin someone hitting you with a knife …

Its a shame on human being..


Megha Ganatra.


  1. Avni Patel   •  

    i dont buy fur stuff so i dont need to read this post

  2. Arjun   •  

    O my god this is very shocking video.

  3. ARJUN   •  

    Perheps one day i am also kill myself,
    good blog i like

  4. Jassi   •  

    Well many animals are killed during farming! These heavy machines that are used, kill many small animals like reptiles. *This happens all over the world*

    Don’t you kill mosquitoes everyday? and Rats? Why not save them too?

    And what about Animal cruelty when the vegetables you eat are farmed in India, using animals and hurting them? What about when they use cows for transportation?

    Just eating vegetarian food is NOT going to stop all animal cruelty but then, you will shift it from one form to an other.

  5. Ishani   •  

    Really shocking video… and rightly said, really very shameful on the part of human beings to do this…

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