Love is bad.. Deep is bad..

I have realised it now…

Falling in love is a bad thing .. I hate that I am in love with Deep..
I am in London at the moment.. far far away from Deep ..
I  thought I am strong enough to live without him..
but dont know how .. and why.. I feel weak without him.. I miss him like anything.. if I dont talk to him on phone for longer time, I feel something is wrong .. something is parting me from him…
I starte worring about him.. I feel like running back to him to India and hug him tight…and tell him that dont you ever let me go away from you.. no matter what reason …
i keep telling everyone .. dont love anyone somuch that you cant live without him.. and I feel I do what I am saying… but I was wrong .. I am doing the opposite of what I say …

its all about I, Me, and My feelings.. I dont know what he is feeling.. I know he feels the same way .. but I am sure he is missing me much more thn I am..

Sorry for leaving you along baby .. miss you 🙁 .. love you :! .. and i wont do it ever again …


Megha Ganatra.


  1. Gaurav   •  

    hey, megha… you know how i find this page?? bcz ur name, i have a friend megha to whom i love extremly, and feels the same in love, but i hurted her bcoz i’m in love and thats why i feel that
    Falling in love is a bad thing …
    i just want to be her friend but this love inside me not respond as friend 🙁

  2. eid   •  

    i love someone . The problem is she’s in love with another she told me that you are my brother i said okay but stil i love her so much when i look in her eye i can feel that also she love me to . And if i pas one day without calling to her she will be morthan crzy . She like me to b always with her . But when i ask her agin she said i told you only brother . But i am sure she love me to i dont know what is rong . I feed up even when she talk to me about her boyfriend she talk bad way . Pleas somebody help me cuz i feedup i cant if stop talking to her she will be crzy what can i do ????

  3. Megha   •  

    Suvarna – Definitely the problem is you, whats the problem if he talks to or be with his friends ? .. if you think people will take him away from you , thn you are wrong , you yourself are pushing him away from you by doing such thing
    .. what if he tell you to not talk to your friends and not go out with them ?…


  4. Suvarna   •  

    Hey, hiiiiii Megha.
    i just found your website while surfing and found very interesting.
    I would like to be a part of your thoughts.
    I love a guy, and he also too loves me a lot.
    But i don’t understand that if i see him with anyone else from his frnds i get disturbed and very angry and if i fight with him or don;t spoke with him properly he always blame me that i’m jealous if his frnds, but it is not like that its just that i’m worried that someone would come between us….
    Pls help me…..

  5. shruti saxena   •  

    hmmmm….. it is really painful to live away from sm1 u luv so much…. bt many times this geographical relations fades the love as ithas happened with me ,, not on my side but from his side.

  6. Avni Patel   •  

    yes i hv told shiv i ‘ll make a wax statue of him…when he is not around…so i can still do his headin….lol

  7. Rashmi   •  

    hey megha m really srry fr intruding in here but just came across ur blog while surfing the net.. so thot f putting my thots over this title f urs.. hope u dun mind 🙂
    i have to admit living apart frm sumone who is ur life is too painful. i am in a similar position whr i had to make him choose btween me n his new job n i decided to let him go. but now each n evry single day i realize how wrong i was n may b i shud nevr have let him go.. 🙁
    But this letting go also made me n him realize that v really cannot live aart frm each othr wen v were deciding f breaking up n marrying some one else as our parents wanted us to do.. but now over the days went by we completely kno wat it means to b without each other..n no geography cud separate us.
    so cheers to all the lovers..

  8. Pratik   •  

    ·“Live In A Way That Is Full Of Life-For Yourself,
    For Your Loved Ones,
    haina sahi huna mai………..hmmmm frnd.

  9. Archana   •  

    ditto!!.. it happened now for good na.. see.. you realized your love for him!!! 😀
    now think of ways to love each other geographically apart… and then you can advise on that too!! 😛 hehe…

  10. Deep Ganatra   •  

    Sadly, it’s same with me too.. 🙁

    Chalo theek hai, everything happens for good 🙂

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