Periods and Girls

It’s funny ..

Here are few funny statements I have heard that a girl can not do when she has her periods

  1. She can’t touch God [ this is the most common one, that everyone knows and most of them believes it ]
  2. She is not supposed to touch her husband [ husband becomes weak ]
  3. She is not supposed to touch papad (its an Indian food) [ it becomes red when you roast it ]
  4. She is not supposed to touch other people in the house [ I guess others will die ? ]
  5. She is not supposed to be touched by others [ oh i dont have any reason for this ]
  6. She must wash her hair on the third day [ don’t ask me the reason… please ]
  7. Her clothes are not suppose to be washed with others clothes [ oky I wont give reasons for every sentence ..because thrs no logic ]
  8. Even after her clothes are washed .. others wont touch her thm [ thn wht.. are you going to keep her cloths hanging? ]
  9. The dish in which she has had her food wont be touched by other till its washed [ c’mon, if you don’t touch it, how will it be washed ever ? .. you are as it is not letting her move from one place ha .. ]
  10. She suppose to sit in a corner and not move anywhere [ !!!!!!!!! ]
  11. She is not supposed to touch the water filter
  12. She is not suppose to touch pickle
  13. Basically she is not suppose to touch anything in the kitchen
  14. She is not supposed to touch plants [ they will die… (what crap?) ]
  15. If some one is dead, the girl who’s periods are on must not go near thm, or in that house and near the people in that house [No clue why]

I cant recollect other things .. but i m sure I will … and will update the list of the things girls cant do in periods

Apart from all these stupid things I have mentioned … what I am trying to say is

Its really imp and necessary to educate world that it is biological thing for women and not a curse..
Please please please don’t treat girls as if they have done some sin … set them free… don’t keep your orthodox thinking as it is..
grow up … the world and time is moving faster then anyone can even imagine….

Megha Ganatra.


  1. meena   •  

    In ma religion we have nothing ike this .. we can go to church.. touch Bibles.. and even shake hands .. greet n hug boys……
    guess am lucky then..

  2. kiran   •  

    is it a punishment for girls or anything else??? as this is a natural cycle so nothing wrong with this………

  3. ranasingh   •  

    i m agree with u. Many traditions & customs in our society misguide our people.

  4. jagan   •  

    Funny Post.
    Yeah but I think it is seen in almost every hindu home. Do you know if how Muslims act in this situation? Any Idea?
    Well for me when I was a kid(they used to tell me all unbelievable stories like lizard or cockroach and I used to believe them) I always liked to tease my mom and sis by intentionally touching them. I don’t know if they liked all this crap but for sure I sensed later that, they wielded a kind of raw and childish dominance in pursuing this kind of superstition. Some thing as women probably they can wield in this country only at home. Poor chaps.

  5. Megha   •  

    but if they dont like it they must say tht i m not gonna do it .. its illogical … and try to break these stupid mentality … thts whn i have been doing since long … and i have got quiet good success … 🙂

  6. Chetan   •  

    This is really crap thing i think, there should not be such restriction for girls. Even in my home these restrictions are followed by my mom n sis. I am strictly against these, n i think even they dnt like to do that.

  7. Megha   •  

    haha.. seriously soham.. when you argue with people who believes these things … they give parentheticest reply ever you have heard .. and you feel like banging your head to the wall … and thn you stop discussing … same thing happens with me … and after the discussion is over .. I laugh like anything … lol

  8. soham   •  

    In my home, we dont follow all these crap ..

    But in wife’s home, they have this tradition of not touching anything during her periods .. When I heard about it, i was shocked .. That was insane ..

    Even if today, when I argue about it to my wife, she gives me some weird arguments and I just stop discussing it ..

    All these bullshits really taking me to atheism lately ..

  9. Ashis Kumar   •  

    I didn’t knew a thing, now its all over my mind.
    Thanks to the post?

  10. Megha   •  

    yeh.. the hair washing this is 3rd day …

    even i feel that in early days it must be because of hygiene cause thr were no pads or such things …

    but now a days uneducated people and those who are educated but dont use thr brain follows these things blindly….

  11. Archana   •  

    Yes.. most of the things listed above still exists if you are living in a joint family or traditional home. And once you are used to it, sometimes its difficult to break from the traditions.. you feel you have done some sin by not following the rules.. though the intention of people in earlier era who believed in this, could have been hygiene, guess it was blown out of proportion..

    some other things:
    – you cannot visit temples
    – i thought hair wash was on 4th and 5th day!!
    – everything she uses, from plate to clothing to accessories needs to be kept aside and should be washed before using in normal days.. (means wardrobe should not be touched)
    – they should not use the normal cot n bed.. should lie down separately

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