Eco Friendly Ganpati

I was searching for Eco friendly Ganpati since last 2 years but couldnt find any, and today while surfing I just dropped on to a site where I found this information ..

here is the address that the site has mentioned from where we cam buy Eco Friendly Ganpati and they have also given different phone numbers..


Indian Education Society’s New English School,
Govt. School,
Kherwadi, opp. Police Station,
Bandra (E).


  • Anil Chaubal-9320055911
  • Yogesh-9819287444
  • Dhoop Crafts, Khar-9322230788
  • Green Ways, Peddar Road-9820562063
  • Ramesh Sheth, Andheri-9869254935
  • Radhika Arora, Juhu-9821017349
  • Culture Shop, Powai-9322741705
  • Mr. Waghaule-9821043505

I dont know how many of these numbers must be working … cause I have not called just try it if you are interested …

And I would request all you people to please please please buy Eco friendly Ganpati and save our Environment .. 🙂

Megha Ganatra.


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  2. Megha   •  

    Yes madammmm …

  3. Avni Patel   •  

    bhagwan bhi eco friendly…hmmm

  4. Megha   •  

    yeh i am atheist .. and even if i am atheist , i am not someone who will say dont do this or that because i dont like it …. 🙂

    my in laws get Ganpati every year … and even they were searching Eco friendly Ganpati since 2 years .. and because i got this info… i posted it …

    it will help our environment u c …

  5. soham   •  

    I thought you are an atheist !!

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