This is how Indian Speed Post works…

Your important documents are dispatched on 17th July 2009 from London and you have not yet received, it’s 28th July 2009

you have tracking ID but shows

The movement particulars of RJxxxxxxxxxGB are as follows:
No data available at present

And this is the status from the first day.

Now you decide to call and inquire at the Indian Speed Post Office, you find the number from just dial

You get these numbers of Andheri West post office – 26288290/ 26283040

On one of these numbers they ask you to call at foreign post office, Foreign post office number given by them is – 22613780

Now foreign post office gives this number – 22611791 and ask you to talk to Mr.gayakwad or Mr.rane, according to foreign post office people this is their call center [ my first question is , how can you have 2 people in your call center? , anyways ]

And one of those two gives this number – 26156874

Here i get a new kind of information which says .. the post first goes to Delhi and thn comes to Bombay.. and they gave a new number which they say is of Delhis number – 01126882756 … And when you call them on Delhi number…

guess what? 
You get this msg : “This number you have dialed is under shift”

Now you go to the again… and you find these two number which are actually mentioned as “Speed Post information, Complaints and tracking problems” and the numbers are – 1800119888 / 26156125.

None of the numbers connects…

Now since its Friday, you decide to wait for the weekend get over

Saturday …

Sunday …

Monday – you decide to call, but at the second thought you don’t call thinking you might get the post today…but you don’t…

Tuesday – you call them, you dial 26156874, 22613780, 26156125, 22611791… No luck… none of the phones connects… and even if they do, all you hear is… tring tring tring tring…

Again you dial 26156874 finally this time someone picks up the phone.. And you get a number 22611791.. Okay this one is the same number you were dialing since long… but its okay… let me dial again…

And guess what? … Someone picks up this time … gr8 … hope I get some information this time …
And the information you get is… dial this number 26156874… [This is the same number who gave me your number dude….]

But before you say this… Your phone is disconnected… [May be the person on the other end is in a meeting with CM…]
You redial and give the explanation…

But in return you get to hear that [rudely] “this is not the place where you will get the information about your documents… you dial the number I have given …. you will get Mr.Borade on this number ask him about the details” [ okay … this time i have got a new name Mr. Borade along with so many new numbers]

Then you decide to call your sister at London and ask her to send another copy of the document through a private courier because other thn the status of my post i have got lot of numbers and names from our very own Governments so called speed post which is not atall helpful..this is how our Indian Governments Speed Post works, which is not at all speedy.


and now one of thm at andheri post office is saying .. you wont get any info online or on phone.. you take your Tracking ID and go personally to the post office …

and now we are trying this thing too.. lets c if we get any [at least] info about the post …


After reaching thr … telling thm the issue.. giving the tracking Id.. they did the same that they asked me to do …

calling on 5-6 numbers of thr different branches..

and in the end they said .. the post goes to Delhi and thn comes to Bombay …[ tell me something new, I am ready for all new crap after a long search operation ]

I don’t expect my post to reach at my place…. my sister has already sent another copy through private courier …

Dear Government,
Your employees thm self cant find something in thr own departments.. even they have to do the same that we do.. anyways I don’t expect anything from you now …

Thank you..

Megha Ganatra.


  1. robin   •  

    Your Comment…

  2. robin   •  

    Even i faced the same problem,a month before i ,made a speed post of , chocolates,specially packed in steel box,and more over i covered it with white clothe,properly stitched,and even i had cards along with tht steel box,although the Currier was delivered ,but the box tht was missing ,instead some one from department had opened tht box and taken away tht chocolates,and instead of tht steel box ,some had put cardboard box,tht was empty,earlier the department use to not to deliver the things but now in 2013,they r stealing the things and not even taking the responsibility of the same,this department has totally become corrupted,and totally taking the advantage of the helplessness of the common persons who are totally dependent on the so called” SPEEDPOST” .

  3. TinTin   •  

    Hi Megha

    I have exactly same experience as you explained. Speed post not delivered, no answer to several calls , no status online or no any response to email inquiries.

    It looks that the officials in this department are not ashamed of being irresponsible and least bothered to bring any improvement in their services.

    My problem is coupled with IT Refund. IT department does not ECS transfer the refunds, if refund is more than 25K (This rule is not published anywhere by IT, why??) So IT Department Mumbai is bent upon sending the refund by cheque. And that to using India’s SPEED POST ONLY. This refund was earlier sent on 2nd June 2011 and never got delivered to me. Neither IT Deptt nor Indian Postal Department is ashamed of that. After several efforts in last couple of months, again I see exactly same status. Cheque delivered on 5th Sep by Speed post EAXxxxxxx and online no status available and no feedback from IPO

    So i see no end to this vicious circle and my endless waiting.

  4. Revanth   •  

    I might be latest “shikar” in the jungle of speed post, I sent two packages of transcripts to US and guess what they delivered it to different address. I send packages a month early to get advantage of early application for admission but thx to speed post i might need to send those packages again…

  5. Megha   •     Author

    haha.. chill chill … are you sure the person who has sent the courier/post has written address proper and written pin code proper ? …

    do cross check .. cause that might be one of the reason why this happens …

  6. sk   •  

    Megha, I am exactly in the same boat and these people don’t even know how to read the emails. I have cc’d all possible email addresses and inspite of that they do reply instead of reply all and one email say contact other and the other says contact first.
    Also, all the numbers you mentioned above are just for name sake, they are either busy(Basically someone has removed the receiver and kept it on the side) or they give you the same number that someone else gave.
    The sad part is for such a lousy service (or may be no service) these guys get paid lakhs of salaries

  7. Vidyut Kale   •  

    That’s strange. I guess I’ve been lucky. I’ve used speed post a lot and never had problems. I guess I’m a rare creature. Usually, delays in international packages are because of customs issues from what I hear. I actually received quite a few packages well in time through the USPS/Speed post combo.

    And no one beats these guys for delivering across India. Couriers fizzle out once you go beyond big cities. I’ve used a lot of that, including one package from somewhere in the beyonds of Texas to equally beyonds in Himachal. Took eight days including a weekend and the curious postman hung around for a cuppa tea hoping to find out what was in it 😀 – that much beyonds.

    Keeping fingers crossed and all that.

  8. Anil Kumar Paliwal   •  

    Thank God/thanks indian speedpost I have received my articles after 1 month late.

  9. Megha   •     Author

    yeh.. got it finally after few days … you dont worry… even you will get yours …

    and if its some documents and you have other copy.. thn get another copy couriered to you rather thn waiting for this one ….

  10. Prerna   •  

    Hi Megha! I’m facing the same problem here in Delhi. I have spoken to the same people, on the same telephone numbers and have got the same responses. I just wanted to know if you ended up receiving the package that was untraceable…

  11. Megha   •  

    pravesh prasher – this place is for everyone …. if you live here …. you will love it … you will never wish to leave this place ….. yes its Admin, politics, police, infrastructure and culture is ruined by people who are dishonest, cunning and hypocritical…
    but otherwise .. its beautiful… 🙂

  12. Shekhar   •  


    I’ve been reading your posts from last few weeks, & landed through google search…. Your posts are quite interesting….

    I agree to your opinion on Speed Post Service….

    To add my experience….

    In 1999 when I was applying for IIT JEE, I posted my form through speed post at Varanasi Cantt PO.

    When I reached home, I found the packet delivered to my address in next 2 Hrs on the same day, instead of being sent to IIT Roorkee. When I went the PO with that package, they realized the mistake & took the packet for delivery….

    Besides I have ….let me count 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6

    ya 6 instances where the packet was delivered after several weeks….

  13. pravesh prasher   •  

    I am Indian in the UK. Love India and would quite love to settle there but the Admin, politics, police, infrastructure and culture p1$$£$ me off. I read about our heritage and ask myself why are our people so dishonest, cunning and hypocritical. We sent presents that never got to the other end and intended recipients (family) became convinced that we never sent them. That attitude and financial losses meant we did send anything but transferred money instead. Sad state of affairs, not a place for me regrettably. Maybe that’s my luck.

  14. Anil Kumar Paliwal   •  

    Actuly/Basicaly/Factly due to supersonic speed of indian speedpost some articles are droped here & there.
    for this, speedpost not responsible, our bad luck is fully responsible, again in the future we should send through private couriyer

  15. himanshupratap   •  

    interesting . Even i had been the victim of indian speed post once.

  16. Chacha Nehru   •  

    I had a package sent to me by this entity called ‘speed post’ last month…did not receive it till now. Unlike you I have not been able to get in touch with a single entity yet! Well guess this is the last time I use the services of the Government Faux Office!
    God save us for the forseeable future!

  17. Megha   •     Author

    so now onwards insted of speed post we must give the job to a kabootar…

  18. Ashish   •  

    It says “speed” post. They never said “high speed” or “fast speed”! Stop blaming them! They meant it will be “at their own speed”!

    But I am sure a “kabooter” would have been a faster than them.

  19. soham   •  

    This is pathetic ..

    When will we change ?? .. when will the goverment-bodies start functioning in a proper manner ?? .. When will be th ened of all these hassles of a cmman man in India ??? ..

    There is no answer to this question .. coz India will remain India no matter what happens .. Even one of the supreme court judge has said that not even a god can save India !! How true !!

  20. Megha   •     Author

    yeh.. this is the first experience .. now onwards i m gonna make sure tht i dont use govt system …

  21. Anurag Bhateja   •  

    Bhabhi ji who said to use govt system? hehe Better go for some private courier people like first flight or something!

  22. Megha   •     Author

    i swear .. atleast i am gonna tell this to all my people who are outside india… my sister sent it using speed post thinking its govt department .. the documents will be safe .. but i dont find anything safe in here…

  23. Deep Ganatra   •  

    Oh yea, Indian Postal Department sucks big time, we should advice people outside India that, always send the stuff via private couriers, even if it’s a small document.. these buggers never do a proper job.. Pathetic..

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