This is how Indian Speed Post works…

Your important documents are dispatched on 17th July 2009 from London and you have not yet received, it’s 28th July 2009

you have tracking ID but shows

The movement particulars of RJxxxxxxxxxGB are as follows:
No data available at present

And this is the status from the first day.

Now you decide to call and inquire at the Indian Speed Post Office, you find the number from just dial

You get these numbers of Andheri West post office – 26288290/ 26283040

On one of these numbers they ask you to call at foreign post office, Foreign post office number given by them is – 22613780

Now foreign post office gives this number – 22611791 and ask you to talk to Mr.gayakwad or Mr.rane, according to foreign post office people this is their call center [ my first question is , how can you have 2 people in your call center? , anyways ]

And one of those two gives this number – 26156874

Here i get a new kind of information which says .. the post first goes to Delhi and thn comes to Bombay.. and they gave a new number which they say is of Delhis number – 01126882756 … And when you call them on Delhi number…

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You Have Got A Spam SMS

Here are few spam SMSs even after I have DND services activated on my Vodafone mobile .

TA- Sisly – 01 July 2009

TM – ADIDAS – 01 July 2009

TM – RAIL PNR –29 June 2009

9221433401 – 28 June 2009

Student – 28 June 2009

TM- Enjoy – 09 June 2009

TA- Friend – 10 June 2009

TA – Benetton – 12 June 2009

AM-ICICI Bank – 12 June 2009

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