Few More Questions…

Why are you alone even when you have everything and everyone you ever wanted ?
Why something is missing even when you are smiling and happy in your life ?
Why is it that you are not entirely happy even when you are on the right path ?
Why is it that to get something, you have to loose something precious in your life ?
Why do we miss few people when you have whole world with you ?
Why do you need them ?

Why ?



  1. kali kinkar   •  

    I think Arjun is going to mad……or or or karke koi marta nahi hai

  2. Arjun   •  

    I just want to say…..good but there is very silent i like that very much. yeh that is as my home.
    Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai agar marna hai to kisi se pyaar karo or or or or or mai mar gya.

  3. Brijesh Chauhan   •  

    I highly recommend you to listen to “Serenity” by Godsmack. You should be easily able to find that on youtube.

    Here are two lines from that song

    “Where do we go when we just don’t know
    And how do we relight the flame when it’s cold
    Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing
    And when will we learn to control”

  4. Polly   •  

    u need transformation of self
    who u are is not yourself but the residual outcome of your past

  5. vishal   •  

    coz u just cant forget them

  6. shruti   •  

    they say grass is alwaz greener on the other side……
    we never get things that we fall for or may be we alwaz fall for things that we can never get.

  7. Hitesh   •  

    Perhaps you need to know yourself a bit more…

  8. Megha   •  

    yeh.. but wht if you know how imp they are and still you knowingly get apart from thm ? ..

    anyways … i knew these feelings are gonna come .. its just i cant keep thm up to me … so i texted it ..

  9. megha   •  

    Sweetie i feel it is important to miss few people , as thn we know how important they are in life 🙂

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