Yeh Zindagi Bhi…

She Said: Aur maine khush rehneka faisla kiya. [And I chose to be happy]

I thought: so did I.

And the movie got over.

And my brain went in flashback for few seconds [may be 20] and I lived all those moments again in those 20 seconds…

I had been to watch Luck-By-Chance, nice movie.

It shows how life goes, nothing goes the way we want, you fight fight fight and fight, for work, survival, love every thing, not all love stories has happy ending, I fought like anything, Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed,


Nothing worked,

What I have learnt from my past is,

  • Time is the best solution; nothing can heal as much as time can.
  • This world is selfish; you won’t find true people easily.
  • If you don’t listen to people who are advising you, you will 100% fall.
  • You fall, you learn more.
  • What works is, Love,
  • Love of Family,
  • Love of people like Deep [who are Gods people, who have a pure soul]
  • When you are betrayed, your soul speaks, it becomes selfish, and it actually happened.

Why should I cry? Why should I suffer? What is my fault? Let them be alone, let them suffer, let them cry,

Why should I be sad? , I will move on, I will be happy..

And I chose to be happy on 25th December 2005.

Megha Ganatra.


  1. Megha   •  

    Well these three words meaning depends according to the situation ….. [thts wht i think]

    Taking advice means …

    you cant see the way when you are drowning… people who advice you, can see you from the shore of the sea that how you can come out of it ….and accordingly they give you the advice….

    so you must listen to the advice they give .. but again …. take it from right people …. you must listen to the advise of people you know who care for you , whom you trust …
    not everyone is giving you right advice..

  2. Ashish   •  

    Nice review of life 🙂

    Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed …..
    Bhed doesn’t mean creating divisions. Bhed in a way means “blackmailing”. You know a bhed (secret, weakness) of the other person, make use of it to achieve your means. (Blackmailing includes emotional blackmailing 😉 )
    You said:

    # If you don’t listen to people who are advising you, you will 100% fall.
    # You fall, you learn more.

    Does this imply that you should not listen to advise and so learn more? :p Just kidding.

    I disagree to some extent. The first very important step is to understand whose advise to follow. You can’t follow everyone’s advise.

    I remember a funny saying here. You should learn from others’ mistakes. Afterall you can’t make them all yourself! 😀

  3. Gagan   •  

    Yes I m doing the same and I am happy but cant forget anything 🙂 but I am happy Dost…… And not interested in such kind of relations.

  4. Megha   •     Author

    yeh it does sound filmy… and u badly need to get out of those filmy feelings …
    you must take your past as an experience out of which u need to learn something .. not remember those things and spoil your present and future…

    u will live happy if u follow this rule 🙂

  5. Gagan   •  

    I read ur article and I really liked it.
    But one question I want to ask that is…..
    Could anybody really forgot some easily as you or other people do?
    I have faced the same condition but I still cannot forgot him and really saying actually I don’t want.
    Per kabhi kabhi jab sab kuch bura hota hai hai to lagta hai sab bhul jaoo per bhool ne k liye bhi yaad to kerna padta hai na
    My words sounds so filmy but is true. You can not just forget everything whatever you experienced whether it was good or bad….. ….

  6. Megha   •  

    yes.. i have succeeded for whatever i have wished …
    because i have done whatever my heart said.. not whatever the situation asked me to do ..
    even though it was hard for me to pass through those moments …i knew i will be happy and satisfied later …. 🙂

  7. Mr.Traveler   •  

    uuuuuufffff . . . . . but still question remains . . .

    Do v want to b wht v actually wanted to b?

    Life becomes easier as u grow old . . . why? coz u r never alone. Thrs always some problem or tension of some sort to accompany us & it doesn’t let u feel isolated. Looks like, after marriage v all try pretty hard to solve dis jigg-saw-puzzel & put back the old peices in our new life . . . to bring bck da fun, energy, Soo called golden moments. But do v succeed? . . .

    Hav u . . . ?

  8. Megha   •  

    25th Dec ko maine Deep Ganatra ke Proposal ko accept kiya tha 🙂

  9. Archana   •  


    25th december ko kya hua tha?? :-S

  10. Rajbir Singh   •  

    Wow! First, a movie review & then a life review.

    You two are the perfect couple that’s why God brought you together.

    I know Deep from an year or so. You know what! I got to know about him through Google Reader’s recommendations, then got to know that he is also a Digit forum member and then twitter.

    And yeah, Deep is a very nice person & I’m impressed by him. (Don’t worry I’m a guy :P) He’s helped me a lot. A true & one of the rare persons you meet in your life. Well, I haven’t met him yet but will meet someday.

    Keep rocking!

  11. Megha   •     Author

    i am 100 % confident about it ..
    Love you 🙂 ..

  12. Deep Ganatra   •     Author

    and you still are… and always will be.. 🙂

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