I Dont Believe It … Stop Forcing Me

I don’t believe in God..

I mean .. may be .. thr must be someone or something called God for you .. and the whole world might be believing it …

but as they say in gujarati ” parane preet na karay” [Forcefully you can not make someone fall in love]..

same applies here… if I don’t believe in God… and you think making me do all ritual things related to this so call God thing …. will make me start believing in it …

wont help you… infect I will hate it more.. and go more and more away from it…

I think that is what going to happen to me ..

Hate more what I hate already….



  1. Megha   •  

    its not about your parents upbringing…. its about my view…. your parents has never forced me to do anything i never wanted ….

    so chilll.. and relax…

  2. Avni Patel   •  

    how dare u say anything abt my parents upbringing…

  3. Megha   •  

    Festivals are meant to bring families together … people get together,respect elders and kids.. enjoy the festival in thr own ways … ways like .. pray to God .. burst crackers.. play with colours.. have sweets…etc etc ….
    this is what parents must teach .. rather thn just teach about something called “God” which no on has seen or felt …
    actually this is generally what parents teach thr kids from childhood …and to those who are tough wrong things .. the result is above this comment… 😉

  4. prithvi   •  

    oh a non-believer.. A simple theory,if i believer in god then i will do all things which is related to it,,and if a non-believer then i will stop doing anything which is related to god….
    so all handful of non-believer should also stop celebraing festivals… diwali,holi or any other relgious festivals as all related to god .. well actually following/love their religion depen upon parents,if frm childhood they taught to to be a follower of their religion then they will ,if not then the result is in front… 🙂

  5. Megha   •     Author

    Thanks Mr. Traveler…
    it seems even you write well…
    why dont you try blogging …

  6. Mr.Traveler   •  

    I saw ur ‘meghasays’ link thru google. Who am I? dont bother, it hardly matters. With a 100 crore population & Olympics going on, my existance is hardly worth thinking bout. Wht I wanted to say is, u write well. Keep it up.

  7. Megha   •     Author

    u can call me that .. because i dont believe in wht i have never seen or experienced ….

    Deep believes not going to temples… but he is not atheist….

  8. soham   •  

    So you are an atheist ?? ..

    Sad to know that .. How abt Deep ??

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