Well I am not giving any treat to you guys .. but I bet if you make this .. you will truely find tht its an actual Royal Treat..

My In laws are mad after Sweets.. so this sunday I made this sweet called “ROYAL TREAT”.. as usual I found it from Khanakhazana…. and added my own stuff in the recipe šŸ˜‰

first of all.. take the original Recipe…and then read the after effects that I have mentioned …


ā€¢ 1 cup almonds (roasted)
ā€¢ 1 cup pistachios (roasted)
ā€¢ 1 cup cashews (roasted)
ā€¢ 3 cups dry dates
ā€¢ 3 cups sugar (powder)
ā€¢ 1/3 cup pistachio (powder)
ā€¢ 2 gms saffron (powder)
ā€¢ 1 tbsp ghee


1. Mix saffron and sugar powder and keep aside.

2. Boil water and put dates in it and cook until the dates become soft.

3. Take out the dates and grind it dry.

4. Fry it in ghee in a heavy bottomed pan.

5. Chop almond, cashews and pistachios into slices.

6. Make a mixture by adding all the above ingredients.

7. Grease a plate with ghee and spread the above mixture on it evenly and sprinkle some
and almond slices over it. Leave to set for some time.

8. When set firmly, cut into diamond shaped pieces or into squares as desired.

and now…. what i did with this recipe…

All the ingredients plus milk… cut all the dry fruits..grind 1/3 part of the dry fruits … add Sugar and Saffron powder …. add half cup milk.. and mix everything…grease a plate with ghee and spread the mixture on it evenly.. keep it for a day … when set firmly, cut into square shaped pieces…

The after effects of this sweets are

1 – My Father In Law went and told his friend that I have made an amazing sweet..

2- My Husband shared the sweet with his Employee… even they liked it .. haha..

so just try it ….

Recipe: Khanakhazana

Megha Ganatra


  1. Megha   ā€¢     Author

    yeh.. right šŸ™‚ … actually I forgot to click the photos .. but yeh .. this Royal Treat is one of the dishes tht I had made on sunday … and other 3 dishes will be uploaded soon.. i m in short of time šŸ˜‰

  2. Aseem N   ā€¢  

    Looks like an astronomical feat for a bachelor like me who is specialised only in the maggi cuisine. I have seen disastrous impacts on the environment and living beings around me from my cooking experiments. But someday I will surely give this one a shot. Keep posting!

  3. Neo   ā€¢  

    you were suppose to post abt ur treat on sunday with pics?

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