Happy New 2008 Year


Let me start this year with the most exciting thing I was and I am right now, My Resolution of 1st January 2007 .

Well, It was to get Married by the end of 2007, and I have did it …. 😀
I never fail on what I decide, and here I am , though I am not married, but yeh almost on the verge of getting married on 19th January 2008.

So What next ?

Next is This Years Resolution

1 – To control my Anger, I am very short tempered, or I can say I get irritated very soon, so I need to control my anger and be cool & calm.

2 – To make Deep’s Baby[ Web1 Solutions ] a well known company, it has become 3 years old and now started Walking, but now I want it to Run, so by the end of this year, Web1 will announce it self to be running successfully 🙂

Once again I need your Wishes, and heres my all good wishes to everyone….


Megha Patel.

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  1. Neo   •  

    Happy new year to you too..Amen

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