Virus.. Keep Your System Updated

I have hated Viruses in Computer since the day I have heard the name of it..and I hate them who cant keep thr system updated …

This is what happen with Me recently..


I thought My friend is sending me something.. whn the file was getting downloaded.. I was actually wondering if He has found me on some site thn why is he sending Me a zip file?…

but I came to know it within 1 minuit that its not My Friend, its actually His system sending me some kind of virus when my system showed this…


Guys.. Please keep your system updated.. if you dont care about your system thn atleast think about others who takes care about thr stuff… we dont want to suffer because of you… :X

Megha Patel

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  1. haha   •  

    Trade in a little convenience for a lot more security, that must be your policy when using windows XP . Use a non admin account ( i use a guest account specifically meant for internet access) to browse the net and do all the *chaty thingys*. I do not have anti virus software and non of my friends (who *update* their computers regularly) have even once complained about my USB’s having a virus. Also use access control lists to make the whole file system read only (for the internet browsing account) and give write access to directories when software that you use and trust complain about not being able to update logfiles,etc. Worked fine for me.
    P.S: Always password protect all accounts (with unique passwords), use lame passwords if you are lazy, i knwo these are the basics but this really saved me 200 bucks and a s*i* load of bandwidth. If you really like techy details then read

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