Mumbai’s New Local

I really like the new look of our new Trains..
So I clicked it today on my way from Andheri To Churni Road …

Check it out… Let me start from my Most Favorite thing 😀


This is my Favorite thing because people like me who does not understand which station comes after which.. will now relax and enjoy the journey..

Yeh, they have started showing next stations name on this indicator and also The operator keeps repeating the Stations Name… Isn’t it great ?.. I have always wished something like this and thr i have got it ..


Its not just in English but also shows the station name in Hindi Language …


The Interior is also Changed….


Looks Pretty Decent… and the compartment also looks spacious..


The hanging handles are same…the change of interior is noticeable…Few things are same but some of the part is changed …


Windows are same too …

Also I saw that these trains are clean, but also dirty on some places like under seat or corner of a seat… thats because of the commuters who throws the things hear and thr..

Stop throwing garbage out side anywhere, our government has provided Dustbins everywhere, Use Them..


Megha Patel.


  1. Deep   •  

    hehe, yea me too.. feels nice when you get into these coaches

  2. Megha   •     Author

    I dont know about all tht 🙂

    all I know is I like these coaches … hehehe..

  3. Deep   •  

    yea.. these coaches were started around 2 years back, we used to wait for these kind of coaches and sometimes, if we were lucky, we used to get chance to get into these coaches.. (they were running test run for these coaches)

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