Happy Sharad Purnima

Sasro Maro Pela Janam No Baap Jo,
Saasu Te chand Gheri Vaad-di.

When I was getting ready to click Full Moon today, My Mom started singing this song, its one of the Gujarati folks they sing on Sharad Purnima and also in Wedding time πŸ™‚

Well I actually wanted to post the story behind Sharad Purnima, but I don’t know what it is , so heres wishing you all A VERY HAPPY SHARAD PURNIMA, and Enjoy Doodh Poha πŸ™‚

We call it “Doodh Pauva“. Take the recipe from My Mom if you don’t know how to make it…


  • Take Milk in a bowl [As much as you wish]
  • Add Suger To make the Milk Sweet [Stir it Well]
  • Add Poha [Not More then Milk, Milk Should be more then Poha because Poha soaks the Milk, When you eat Doodh Poha, Milk also should come in your mouth along with poha]

And then put the bowl covered with a dish with hole’s in it near your house in an open place/Gallery till Moon Rays goes directly in the bowl containing Milk and Poha, and after that enjoy !!!!!! ….

My Doodh Pauva is already lying in My gallery and I am waiting for the Rays to enter the bowl so taht I can have yummy yummy Doodh Pauva..

Photos will be uploaded once its ready to eat.. for now check out the Moon I captured using My Mobile Camera..


Megha Patel.


  1. Jayshree   β€’  

    Hey Megha…

    Its Sharad Punam again.. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you Happy Sharad Punam….. ( I was looking for a Punam Na Chaanda Nu Picture, and ended up on this year old post…)

  2. Piyush   β€’  

    I thinks its called kheer in hindi….

    meri mammy bhi aisi hi purnima ke din kheer ko bahar chaand ki roshni mein rakhti hai jisko hum log morning mein khate hai..

    vaise mein thodi si raat ko kha leta hu…its simple..just put alarm in your mobile..my time is 4AM coz is time sabse solid ninni aati hai….


    Kya bday cake cut karne ka record banana hai πŸ˜›

  3. Megha   β€’     Author

    Many Many Happy Returns of the dayyyyyy…….. πŸ˜€

    let us celebrate your birthday again …. πŸ˜›

  4. Deep   β€’  

    Well, it’s my birthday today too.. (Tithi wise), so you better wish me a happy birthday

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