Aaj Ki Taza Khabar

I have heard , that Kekta Kapoor’s so Kalled “Tulsi” [Smriti Irani] is going to be lost out of the show “saas ki bahoo..” I mean “Kyu ki bla bla” , and I am sure after that kekta wont have any other option other than closing down shantiniketan .. or is it kantiniketan ?.. uff whatever … haha 😉
But I am really happy with this news.. be it a rumour … it makes me happy that this head ache is soon going to get rid of “Kulsi” and hopefully it should end …

Please God.. give some brain to Kekta to stop all her stupid shows and start something logical or i can say practical .. and not “Kracktical”


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  1. Piyush   •  

    HI megha

    aapne to hamare dil ki baat kehe di

    but i thinking for ladies log ghar ka kaam akengi kya 🙂

    vaise ketna kapoor ne K K K K Karke bahut paise meains kaise ander kiye hai

    Also kushar kapoor ko bhi star banane ki kahut means bahut kry try kari hai


    thank god it ends soon

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