Those Old Days And This 2007

2000 to 2005 was the period when i lived almost all the emotions.

This is the period when i met new people , I call them FRIENDS 🙂

I was newly shifted to this “Vashveen Apartment” at 7 bungalows,Andheri West,Mumbai.I did not know these few years are gonna be my lifes memorable years.
After few months I met this young, my age group who everyday use to hang out down in the building and I use to look at them everyday from my window thinking I wish I knew them so that even I can go down everyday and have a good time, and finally “Neha” one of them met me in Lift and asked me to come down and meet everyone, after few days she took me down and introduced with everyone [ Monil, Abhas, Amit K, Amit M, Praveen, Sameer, Alpa, Pooja, Richa, Arti, etc , after few months Sapna came to stay in my building and i met Nicky and Bharat after she came as they were first her friends ] and then I started going down on my own, and after a month or two i was one of [“TVS” thats what we call our gang]them PJ’ing and pulling each others legs.. haha..
We use to meet everyday go out on weekends, play badminton everyday, playing carom board, meet at one of ours place and chill out, we all went to Esselworld too, Movies, Juhu, Barista, had road side Bhel puri and Sev puri, went to have Ice cream at Naturals, some times we use to make plan to go for walk as some of our friends are fitness conscious and thinks they have become fat and wanna reduce their tummy , we all use to go together with full dedication and slowly slowly everyone from the group use to disappear and by the end of one week the walking/jogging plan use to get over, haha…  we also made plan to go for walk in early morning and implemented too, but again one week and the plan is over, we planed to do exercise at one of our friend Monil’s place, and again one week and everyone is back to pavilion, haha..some times my mom kiddingly use to tell me, why do you guys make plan to do something when you cant continue it ?, haha… we have also done walking/jogging in rainy days, it use to rain heavily and still we had done our morning walk, we have done walking in morning on beach and played cricket their, Monil, Abhas, Alpa And Myself use to go for walk in morning on beach and after a good walk we use to play cricket, that was fun again.. we girls use to take 2-3 more chance even if we are out.. lol ..

We were all boys and girls but many a times we girls use to meet at one of ours place and chill out, we use to stay awake late night , cook French Fries, make Tea, Coffee, Juices,Toasted Bread and Jam, do time pass on Internet, make fool of guys by chating together with the same guy in different names, enjoyed on my friend Sapna’s Terrace at night, I remember when my friends boyfriend [Nicky]and his friend[Bharat] use to come for a walk near my building at night after dinner, my friend Sapna and Myself use to sms and talk to them on phone and pull their leg like anything, one incidence with a puppy was just too funny, Bharat was trying to push a small puppy which was sleeping on the road to the foot path so that it stays safe, but the puppy started barking at him and both Bharat And Nicky started running .. lol, they were so scared of that small puppy, we still laugh on that incidence, My self and Sapna was laughing and rolling on her terrace and Nicky and Bharat was running on that lonely road saving themselves from that puppy, Nicky saw a rickshaw and set in it and told that rickshaw driver to run from their and left Bharant their on the road alone, Nicky escaped in the rickshaw and Bharat was still running … lol .. I am still laughing same as we were laughing on that day … lol…

We all friends use to sit till late down in the building on the Ganpati Visarjan day,we use to go out for dinner and then long drive on Diwali and 31st night every year….we have had bhang on Holi and laughed like anything.

We have done window shopping and also shopping together, we have seen each other crying, laughing, irritated, also in a condition where you feel this person is drunk but actually he/she is not drunk, thats the madness we do haha…
We have done our study together, in the day time , full nights, sometimes alone , sometimes 2 friends and sometime 3 to 4 friends together.. sometimes instead of study we have had fun too..

Those were the old days
After a few years we all had finished our education, and everyone was set to work, I left the building and shifted to other place with my family, my sister got married and went to UK, Bharat went to china for work, Abhas went to Pune to work,he is back to Bombay now but busy with his MBA studies , he meets sometimes, Sameer went to gujarat for work, though now he is back to bombay but he is married now, so he is busy with his family life, still he meets us ocasionaly, Neha went somewhere to study her medicine, Monil started working, he has shifts but still he manages to meet sometimes, Alpa works so even she is not free in weekdays, Sapna is busy with her work, Nicky is busy with his work even he has shifts,so even he cant meet , we see him once in a moon, Amit kapadia is also busy with work, he is sometimes not even free on Sundays, Praveen also is busy with his work, he keeps touring from India to UK, I also use to work so even I was not free in weekdays, but now i am because i have left my job for sometime, Richa, Pooja, Arti and everyone else is busy with thr work and shifts and now after My Sister[Avni] and Sameer, Pooja is all set to get married, she is getting married in February, so now even she will go somewhere far, one more friend will be not meeting so frequently now…

In old days, we use to make plans together and go out and enjoy together, but now if one person calls to meetup, even if one friend says ok lets meet up then others has answers like –
– I am going out
– I have office
– I can meet but only for 1 or 2 hours
– I have night shift so i sleep in day time sorry i wont be able to come
– Oh sunday ? i cant come i have other plans yaar
– I have already watched that movie with my office/other friends

This is what busy schedules is doing to us.

And this is 2007

I don’t know what time has hidden with it, I wish old days could come back, but i know its not possible.
so now all i wish is, “We all friends to stay Friends Forever

Megha Patel.


  1. Sumit   •  

    nice post there…
    we always wish the good old days to come back.. and it takes some time to come back to reality and to remind ourselves that the show has to go on…

  2. Sagar   •  

    Hey Megha..

    Excellent post.. It’s 2009.. but for me the date does not matter.. everything what u have mentioned is same.. only i my case the Proper nouns are different.. the chronological order of the events is same.. the answers which I get/ give for not catching up with every one is same.. good to remember the golden days of schooling and friends .. the leg pulling.. the coffee.. final day assignments .. vivas.. 🙂 .. thx for a gr8 post.. 🙂

  3. serin   •  

    Yes yes, that is one of my favorite songs

  4. bluediamond   •  

    nice post there…
    we always wish the good old days to come back.. and it takes some time to come back to reality and to remind ourselves that the show has to go on… 🙂

  5. Megha   •     Author

    haha. 🙂 good sugestion about finding a soulmate . hehe.. you must be knowing if you have checked my blog properly that i have a resolution to get married by the end of this year .. hehe.. so dont worry i will not be alone

    and one imp thing – Friends r Friends .. unki jaga koi nai lesakta hai .. not even your husband/wife .. got it ?

    and ya.. your friends also might go somewere to work or whateever.. but love and friendship will never my gang 🙂

  6. amit   •  

    u remind me of my group of friends being in different fields(medicine and engg.) we still manage to be in touch.But god knows wat will happen next Year wen all of us will leave our home(Goa) and go to our respective guys.Might land up the same way as ur friend gang.
    But one thing is for sure the love and friendship will remain although it might not be possible to express it due to committments(work and family)

    Hey by the way looks like all ur friends are getting married.Do find a soulmate for urself soon.You will not feel lonely then 🙂

  7. Megha   •     Author

    haha .. lol.. i know .. that was really funny.. 🙂

  8. rahul   •  

    LoL @ puppy run , I named it as- Nicky -the chase begins .

  9. Megha   •     Author

    yes, that is one of my favorite songs 🙂

    it always remind me those good old days

    “those were the best days of my life” is also one of those lines which reminds me that good time spent with these people …

  10. Shibani   •  

    I can remember woh Ali Hyder wala song ‘Purani Jeans’….

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