Busy Beeeee…

This is what I use to tell all my friends, when they use to give me a reason saying “I want to sit at home and relax on Sunday, I will not come out anywhere” for going out for a movie or lunch or anywhere.

I use to think, these people get one day to enjoy and that also they are not enjoying, huh, how stupid they are.
But now though I have started working, and I have to work for 6 days Morning to Evening, I have realized that by evening you are so tired that you just want to sit at home and relax.

As they say, “To realize the value of one day, ask the person who works all 6 days a week”
I have realized it, because my office times are 9 to 7 and all 6 days full day, ha ha…

I will now not tell anything to my friends after this experience, because now even I have become a “Busy Beeeeee…. “ 😉
Megha Patel.

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