Dirty SMSes lead wife to husband

mood_sms.jpgSource – DNA News Paper,Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

Smriti Kulkarni was shocked when she received a spree of obscene messages on her cellphone. What followed was more shocking. The alleged culprit turned out to be the person who is the least suspected – her husband.

An executive with a private company in Mumbai, Kulkarni was leading a happy life with her husband, a medicine shop owner in Thane, until she started receiving lewd messages. Her normal life was turned topsy-turvy.

Though initially ready to ignore the messages, she was stunned by the stream of messages from three different cell numbers. The case was referred to the Cyber Crime Cell after Kulkarni approached the Naupada police station in Thane. The dramatic or call it cinematic sequences unveiled after the Cyber Cell took up the investigation a fortnight ago. The police learnt that at least 200 pre-paid SIM cards had been allegedly issued to an assistant choreographer of “Nach Baliye” a popular dance programme on TV channel. The police were in for a surprise when they summoned the accused, a girl from Dombivli, for interrogation. The quizzing stumbled on a racket of self-voting to win the programme.

The girl told the police that all the 200 SIM cards were distributed among friends to vote for their contestant and the three SIM cards in question were given to a medical shop owner in Thane. The shop owner turned out to be  none other than the  husband of the complainant. During interrogation, he allegedly confessed to have sent vulgar messages to his wife from the three SIM cards given to him. Shocked by the turn of events, Kulkarni promptly withdrew the complaint.

Police sources said that the probe into the matter was held back after the woman withdrew the complaint. They said, “There are at least 10 complaints every month where the complainant is not willing to continue with the complaint for the fear of being dragged into legal battle leading to defamation.”

“We are now thinking of taking up matters only if the litigant assures to take the matter to its legal end,” said a senior Cyber Crime Cell officer seeking anonymity.
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This is the case of dirty sms’s from a husband to his own wife, but what i found in this article is, the so called reality shows are all going on some other track, so if you can, stop wasting your money on sending sms’s to these shows.
These shows are not actually reality shows anymore, and its visible the way the Contestants who are actually good are eliminated and the one who dont even desirve to be in last 5 is the winner of the show.
The best eg of this stupidity is “Kazi” from “Fame Gurukul”.

This is all what I feel.
In the end, its your decision.

Megha Patel.


  1. Megha   •     Author

    haha.. yeh, even i found it funny whn i saw this article in news paper .. hehe
    and even i thought first…. what explaination husband must have given to his wife .. haha

    stupid people.. do anything ..

  2. vishu   •  

    haha thats funny.. wondering what explaination the husband gave..

  3. Megha   •     Author

    Yeh, i read it , these people has some or the other thing to say in thr defense 🙂

  4. Megha   •     Author

    Yes, Even i am waiting for the reason to come out why the husband did that


  5. Deep   •  

    Yup, thats the reality of the “reality shows” and it’s bad…there was same kind of argument in the times of Indian Idol too but nothing happened and this remains a good way to earn good money. People here gives more important to money they want to earn not the talent they want to give out of their show…

    Now, back to the husband thing, it would have been interesting if they would have mentioned, why her husband was doing things like that…

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