Surprise !!!

Isn’t it fun when you expect something good and you know its not possible, you are sad about not getting what you want but it Actually happens to you.

It’s like a wish come true 😀

Well here I am talking about a Birthday Surprise on Deep’s Special Day.

 cake1.jpg 1st Birthday Cake

It was Deep, My Good Friend’s Birthday on Friday 13th October ‘2006

It was a Surprise day more than a Birthday
His surprises started from 12 AM to 7.30 PM.. i.e. Start to End of his Birthday.

Why So many surprises ?.. What is so special about this Birthday ?
Well the answer is.. it was his 25th Birthday .. Silver Jubilee.. haha .. It has to be special…

cake21.jpg 2nd Birthday Cake

I Still remember his face and his expressions when he saw me at his place.. haha..

 surprised-deep.jpg  Here We Have Captured That Surprised & Happy Face
I had told him I am going to Gujarat for someone’s wedding so wont be able to be with you on your birthday, other friends also gave some reasons like I have lot of work and I am going out on 12th and will come after a week.

1st Surprise- Parents Gift at 12 AM.
2nd Surprise- I Went at his place in the afternoon at 2 PM.
3rd Surprise- All friends came at his place in evening at 7.30 PM
4th Surprise- Everyone went at his favorite Restaurant was he was dying to go since 1 year,and returned at 12 at home.

crd-reading.jpg Reading His Birthday Card And Checking His Gifts.
All the reason we all had given him for not meeting him made him sad.. but in the end Dhara [Deep’s Sister] , His Parents,  Friends & My Self, we all planed all this , and made his Day Memorable

I am sure Deep has the same thing to say, Right Deep ? 🙂

deep-card.jpg That’s One Of His Birthday Cards.

Everyone who is close to Deep, knows how special he is , and its worth doing all this for him 🙂

And now ,here is a Wish For you Deep

Tum Jiyo Hazaro Saal , Saal Ke Din Ho Pachas Haraz, Happy Birthday To You.


Megha Patel.


  1. Megha   •     Author

    Welcome 🙂

    anything for you dear 🙂


  2. Deep   •  

    hehe thanks Megha, you guys made a great day 🙂 A truely momorable day…

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