Dirty SMSes lead wife to husband

mood_sms.jpgSource – DNA News Paper,Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

Smriti Kulkarni was shocked when she received a spree of obscene messages on her cellphone. What followed was more shocking. The alleged culprit turned out to be the person who is the least suspected – her husband.

An executive with a private company in Mumbai, Kulkarni was leading a happy life with her husband, a medicine shop owner in Thane, until she started receiving lewd messages. Her normal life was turned topsy-turvy.

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Just finished my B.Com, I thought, Phew!! No more studies, I don’t want to see books anymore and was really happy.
But hey, what is this? Somewere in my mind I felt like I want to study more…
Oh, what is happening to me?
Let me think, do I really want to study?
Yes, I think I do.

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A festival lover will like any festival you name, and I am one festival lover 🙂

I love to celebrate festivals and i do enjoy all of them.

So lets talk about Navratri one of my favorite festival.

What is the meaning or Navratri? Why do people celebrate it ? The answer is…

Navratri is – Nav = 9 , Ratri = Nights


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Surprise !!!

Isn’t it fun when you expect something good and you know its not possible, you are sad about not getting what you want but it Actually happens to you.

It’s like a wish come true 😀

Well here I am talking about a Birthday Surprise on Deep’s Special Day.

 cake1.jpg 1st Birthday Cake

It was Deep, My Good Friend’s Birthday on Friday 13th October ‘2006

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