The Sex Ratio In Punjab Is Around 798 Females Per 1,000 Males

Punjab has more number of boys than girls. Girls are largely unwanted in Punjab and the abortion of female fetuses is a routine occurrence, the sex ratio in Punjab is around 798 females per 1,000 males.


  • A couple had left a 2 days Baby Girl between 2 walls that does not have place for even air  to pass through it , the baby by God’s grace had been found and is safe. Her parents left   her and ran away from their, police is in search for her parents.


  • A couple had left their 3 baby girls alone on road for God knows what reason.


  • Another couple had also left new born 3 baby girls and ran away, the kids at the moment are with doctors and their is a family who want to adopt these girls , but they will get these kids once the babies are perfectly all right, as one of the baby is not well..

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