Can EX’s be FRIENDS again ?

Here is the story of Madhavi – Darshan and Anil , Madhavi’s Ex-BoyFriend.




Madhavi who met Anil at a party of their common friends Birthday. Their friend got them introduced, and don’t know what was that, that made them like each other, [we can say, love at first site :)]
After that meeting, they again and again met with all friends when ever they all use to go out for movies or CCD or Barista or Juhu Beach, etc..
2-lovers.jpgAnd in these meetings, their love started growing , finally one day , Anil called Madhavi to talk, it was meant to be, so she went to meet him, and he Proposed her, it was written in destiny ,so she also said Yes [Yeh, she accepted Anil’s proposal :)].
It was all beautiful till that day when suddenly Madhavi told Anil, ” I think we should breakup , I don’t think my parents will accept this “[it was too soon to think about ,if parents will accept their relation or not] accepting Madhavi’s decision , without asking anything, Anil nodded his head saying ok, it was not easy for both of them. But Anil was astounded thinking what went wrong suddenly.
This was not the end.


Madhavi started feeling that she has done something wrong, and its not easy for her to live without Anil, She went back to Anil, but Don’t know what Anil was thinking, he didn’t wanted to continue this relation, the reason he gave was ” I don’t think so we match with each other ”
Madhavi knew he still loves her, but she also knew that she has done something wrong, and she will have to pay for that, she had no other option but to wait until Anil comes back, she started waiting for him.

[Their was a bit of Love left still to share between these two]

The day came, and Anil Called Madhavi again, and both were together again, obviously it was again all beautiful 🙂 this time it was all more strong bond between them, they never wanted to get spaced out, they had a lot to share with each other, But destiny, had something else written for them, this time, after some days of getting back together, Anil went to meet Madhavi to talk something important, they met, and Anil said ,” we will not be able to continue this relation” , and again this time, the reason was parents.




[NO, Anil was not taking any revenge from Madhavi, it was all meant to happen, and it did]

This was all more and more difficult for both of them to stay away from each other, but they had to.

After few months, Madhavi and Anil had to leave the place where they use to stay for some reasons, may be it was again something that was meant to happen. Still the feelings were their. But Destiny, it’s weird.

Madhavi met Darshan at a college function, they shared their phone number for some work reason, after this meeting, sometime for work purpose and sometime just to talk, they started calling, talking and meeting, it took some time for Madhavi to understand that she is being attracted to Darshan, and Darshan was almost in love with her when she realized this. this was a new season of Love in her life again, But confused & scared of getting in to a new relation, Madhavi was all confused to decide weather she is thinking right or not, [Whom to ask?, this was the biggest question in front of Madhavi] , the only person she remember was Anil, she sms’ed Anil, ” if you are free I want to talk to you, please call me whenever you are free”, Anil called her to talk, Madhavi asked him ,”Can you and me fall in love again? “, “I mean can you or me think about someone else? “,” is it possible that we can love someone else too?“. The questions were strange for Anil; it was difficult for him to say yes. But he had to, and he replied her” Yes, we can“, then Madhavi told Anil everything about Darshan and how she feels about him, and Anil told him “You go on with your life, if you really like Darshan, please go ahead“.


[These were the last words they spoke to each other, it seems the sun has actually set.]

Madhavi later decided to move on, and accepted Darshan’s proposal.

[Is this love?, why two people who love so much each other has to get apart because of one reason?, why is love so difficult?]

Madhavi is now very happy with Darshan 🙂 she thinks, she could have missed such a great sitting-together.jpgpartner in her life if she had not said yes to Darshan, life is so beautiful, its all like a fairy tale, every thing is just perfect the way it should be, love is so easy, love is so amazing, love is so wonderful, life was never so easy earlier and she is just too happy with Darshan.Darshan also has the same feelings for Madhavi,Even he is happy with her,and both are looking forward to tie knot with eachother.



[But, is love actually easy? is it actually easy to forget old feelings? OR it is easy, but people just don’t let it be easy for ex lovers ?]

It is actually easy to put past & old feeling in a drover and lock it for future to sit and think about the past when our life is almost about to end, it is actually easy to put these feelings and relations in a locker and save it to feel when we want, when we feel we are alone and wish to go down the memory lane, these are the thoughts, memories, assets, that will always be with us till we die and also after our death.

Madhavi, who is happy with Darshan faces this problem many time with Darshan, when ever she talks to Anil, and then tells Darshan that “I spoke to Anil and we were talking this and that, it was all like two friends are talking”
It is always an issue between Madhavi and Darshan , that why she talks to Anil about X or Y thing, Darshan thinks that Anil will take it in other sense, he will think that Madhavi still likes him and wants to be with him.

[After Madhavi started her relation with Darshan, she always wanted Darshan and Anil to be friends, but it’s just a dream that will never fulfill, after all “Dreams are never Real”]

Last time when Madhavi was talking to Anil, she felt that now Anil and her self are actually friends, no old feelings are their now, both have accepted the fact that they are not together, and both are happy now,they both actually were talking about the old days when they were friends.




After all talks they both decide just to meet once and celebrate their renewed friendship, but its not easy for EX’s to be friends, because Darshan and people like Darshan who think that EX’s can never be friends again, will never let it happen.

When Madhavi told Darshan that she spoke to Anil and they have decide to meet for one hour or so, and also Madhavi said that while talking to Anil she only asked him to meet up, Darshan got mad at her, and it made both of them argue and fight with each other. Darshan thinks Madhavi is out of those old feelings but may be Anil still has same feelings, and if Madhavi ask him to meet, Anil will take it in other sense.

[Madhavi tried to explain Darshan that its not all what he thinks,she actually wantd to tell Darshan everything that she spoke to Anil from “Hi TO Bye”, but Darshan not ready to listen to her will never accept the fact that Madhavi and Anil are FRIENDS now.
This is not even Darshan’s Fault, Darshan is right on his place,because he has this girl in his life whom he loves alot ,and when we love someone , we want their security, and we care for them,all Darshan want is Madhavi’s security, this is the reason why Darshan stops Madhavi from meeting Anil.]




Its not that “EX’s can not be FRIENDS again “… It’s that “People don’t let them be FRIENDS again “.

Megha Patel.


  1. sandy   •  

    Without meeting a guy no one can decide she dint meet cos he s not my caste but he s so caring never expected anything from me n also agreed to break up its never easy still am not able to forget him nor he parents started searching a guy nit am not ready at al . I tried al my way to explain my problem but it dint work out I don’t want marry other guy instead I LL be single n LL concentrate on my career but this also they are not allowing they feel love s a big sin but no one is thinking dat love s given my god then how It can be wrong love just happens by seeing good nature n a quality of tots . Pls do help totally stucked I lost interest in everything in dis stage how can I marry someone else. Pls dont make difference between castes do beg u

  2. sandy   •  

    Hi even am facing same issue loved a guy he s Marathi n am jain love doesn’t happen by seeing caste no one are understanding this . Wen he proposed me I said yes knowing the fact dat my parents wil never accept dis. I accepted his proposal there on love was on air we enjoyed a lot for two years after dat critical situation of life arised my parents started searching alliance for me I was totally stunned n shocked cos I was in love how wud i marry some other person . I told to my mom about our relationship she just said no without meeting him I tried all de way to make her understand but she was too stubborn so I had to tel him dat we cant continue our relationship he too agreed but it was very hard for us to break up I dint want to go against my parents wanted to give my a guy a respectful life with the acceptance of my parents his parents wr ready to accept me but my side they Are totally against inter casts marriage they are like our name ll get spoiled our samaj ll not accept even I ll not agree it was very hard phase of life for both of u . Its been 2 years for our break up but still feelings are de same n cant avoid each other love was to happen so it happened it was our destiny I want to spend my whole life with him I cant imagine my life without him but my mom she is totally against my sis n my aunty they know about my relationship my mom is not ready at sll

  3. James   •  

    I did not read the whole blog. It reminded me of my ex and her name is Megha. I loved her and I still love her. But we are married to different people. I would like to meet her. But can she talk to me in front of her husband?Could you advice me on this matter and send me a mail to my id

  4. Megha   •     Author

    lol… yeh will keep posting .. and u keep reading 🙂

  5. Gaurav   •  

    I started reading ur posts megha at 3:00 PM n now it’s 6:00 PM..pata hi nahi laga time kaise nikal gaya..n with this post i completed reading almost all ur posts except those kitchen recipes ;)…2day while surfin in office i landed up on ur blog…it was so intresting that i couldn’t stop maself readin them all…now m going 4 ma coffee break…

    ma all colleagues r traumatized seein me sittin on ma desk continuously from past 4 hrs. ;)…

    Nice job Megha n Deep…Keep posting 🙂

  6. Megha   •     Author

    hahahaha.. good job…

    well yeh its all individual views …

  7. Piyush   •  

    Ok mam,

    But its all individual views

    I m not saying girls behave like boys

    I m saying that why u have such a inseurity in love
    Feel love like other stuffs

    I know its very special feel but…

    It bring trust u have in ur partner a blind trust
    A trust for lifetime.

    I m feeling a lot of mess up on this topic

    logging out


  8. Megha   •     Author

    hmmm.. it does .. but if Girls start behaving like guys… thn how will this world move ?.. thr will be no love in this world .. so its all meant to be like this… and we have to accept whatever it is 🙂

  9. Piyush   •  

    No offense

    but why always girls have to adjust

    See if darshan had a Ex gf and now she will be her gud frd

    Madhavi will never say “Darshan dont meet her anymore”

    Coz girls always trust(may be blind trust) guys

    But guys; they always feels insecurity in their relationships I dont know why

    thats what happened in this case

    Darshan is so much insecure about Anil
    He forgot

    Madhavi was all confused to decide weather she is thinking right or not, [Whom to ask?, this was the biggest question in front of Madhavi] , the only person she remember was Anil, she sms’ed Anil, ” if you are free I want to talk to you, please call me whenever you are free”, Anil called her to talk, Madhavi asked him ,”Can you and me fall in love again? “, “I mean can you or me think about someone else? “,” is it possible that we can love someone else too?“. The questions were strange for Anil; it was difficult for him to say yes. But he had to, and he replied her” Yes, we can“, then Madhavi told Anil everything about Darshan and how she feels about him, and Anil told him “You go on with your life, if you really like Darshan, please go ahead“.

    It was anil who solves madhavi’s confusion about darshan

    I dont know what it is but i feel Friendship is always better than Love

    I means to say
    “If I have to choose between true friends and love I choose to be her true friend untill we got married”

    Now darshan is trying to overcome madhavi’s mind her freedom as a normal person

    Why he decide whom she met or not

    She can met anyone she wanna
    trust says “Dont lie to your partner”
    It never says u be dependent on him for each and every decision of ur life

    Pata nahin kyon but i Still feels darshan is wrong…make sense?:)


  10. Megha   •     Author

    Saying no to meet the EX… does not mean that Darshan does not trust her .. he has trust in her .. but as i have mentioned .. he wants her security.. he loves her so much that he does not want her to be hurt by Anil in any ways . and that is the reason he does not like her to be meeting or talking to Anil.. and what if even Madhavi is fine with not talking or meeting Anil now ? .. the things are easy .. right ? 🙂

  11. Piyush   •  


    Sorry for so late posting

    Just got link from Archana’s recent post

    “Its not that “EX’s can not be FRIENDS again … It’s that People don’t let them be FRIENDS again .”

    I am not agree with this

    I feel People are the person you choose after u lose vary vary sensitive relationship in this universe

    In your story

    Anil is 100% right

    He directly said we can’t continue and finish from his side
    It was madhavi who called him and he accepted that frds relationship(best relationship on earth)

    Madhavi was 100% right
    She khows she can’t continue with anil so she denied and left him.
    But when she has to take a decision about her life and love she called anil as a friend(usually ppl call person most close them)

    What I can say about Darshan
    Darshan hmmm I think he loves her so much that it can’t be described
    But if he loves her so much
    why he dont have trust in her.
    Why he is not trusting her words when she said Anil
    is only my friend
    it was she who told Darshan that she was in love with Anil.
    What if she said anil is my gud friend and never told darshan that they had a relationship in past

    I think then darshan will have no problem in their meeting but now
    They are Ex Bf and GF Darshan had some problem without any reason(lagta to aise hi hai)

    Its the bad mentality of darshan not Exs

    Madhavi have to think about darshan as her life partner
    can she allow a person in her life who is not trusting her at all
    Should she allow him(I don’t think so)

    I feel after all this madhavi have to eith convince darshan or seriously think(about break up or something else) with darshan

    I feel every relationship is on trust
    and Trust is major factor in LOVE

    if you can’t trust ur partner dont love her
    If u love her trust her.

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  13. bluediamond   •  

    “Its not that “EX’s can not be FRIENDS again … It’s that People don’t let them be FRIENDS again .”
    so true 😐

  14. Aseem N   •  

    You got me so very much involved in the story that I almost started relating with the characters. I could really feel and listen to Madhavi, Anil and Darshan. While I guess this happens to most people around.

    Love is just a phase… if you can hold on to it, you wil be in it. It may not be easy to be out of it but you eventually do at some stage when things dont work as you would have liked them to.

    Anil may be still liking Madhavi, but he can very well learn to compromise with it. Ex’s can certainly be friends. And may be even the best friends of all! And if Darshan is out here for real… dude please thoda samajh lo!

  15. Megha   •     Author

    Yes it 100% depends on person to person, cause each individual is a diferent person..
    and its all about feelings… so thrs never on answer or i can say a solution for such things related to Feelings ..

    yes , bahot likha hai 😉
    lekin it has meaning :) 
    and Dilse likha hai 😛


    Megha Patel.

  16. Doveye   •  

    Nice story, although I am yet to ascertain if ex’s can be friends. I’m confused. I think that there is no ready rule for this and it depends on each individual case and from each person to person.

    Kitna likhti hai…lage raho!

  17. Megha   •     Author

    Movies are in Reel not Real My Friend..
    Reality is never accepted, as dreams are more beautiful thn the real life 🙂

  18. kris   •  

    why dont you give this script to Karan Johar, he would make a movie out of this with Sharukh in the lead.

  19. Megha   •     Author

    i know , thr r many EX’s who cant be friends.. but why people dont let thm be friends, who actually WANTS to be friends… and who actually CAN be friends ???

    har rah ki koi na koi manzil hoti hai… Madhavi aur Anil ke rishte ki Do manzilein hai… ek pyar ki aur dusri dosti ki.
    Pyar ki manzil woh dono paar nahi kar paye.. to kya yeh zaroori hai ki dosti ki manzil bhi woh paar nahi kar paenge?

    Megha Patel.

  20. deepti   •  

    hey megha
    its really nice nd i m sure its true too.. i believe its ppl who cant let ex be friends but we cant generalise it can we????????? i m sure there are many many EX who cant be friends for whatever reasons.

  21. Megha   •     Author

    Thanks 🙂

    But when it is a story, it has to be long, ek ya do para mai khatam thodina hojaega 🙂
    and dude, these are real stories, i can not cut out imrotant stuff 🙂

    Megha Patel.

  22. rahul   •  

    ho megha re megha re , mat lambi post likh re …aaj tu fir se relationship ke mood main hai .
    just joking.

    but again , it’s really nice as usual your narrative style.

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