Can EX’s be FRIENDS again ?

Here is the story of Madhavi – Darshan and Anil , Madhavi’s Ex-BoyFriend.




Madhavi who met Anil at a party of their common friends Birthday. Their friend got them introduced, and don’t know what was that, that made them like each other, [we can say, love at first site :)]
After that meeting, they again and again met with all friends when ever they all use to go out for movies or CCD or Barista or Juhu Beach, etc..
2-lovers.jpgAnd in these meetings, their love started growing , finally one day , Anil called Madhavi to talk, it was meant to be, so she went to meet him, and he Proposed her, it was written in destiny ,so she also said Yes [Yeh, she accepted Anil’s proposal :)].
It was all beautiful till that day when suddenly Madhavi told Anil, ” I think we should breakup , I don’t think my parents will accept this “[it was too soon to think about ,if parents will accept their relation or not] accepting Madhavi’s decision , without asking anything, Anil nodded his head saying ok, it was not easy for both of them. But Anil was astounded thinking what went wrong suddenly.
This was not the end.

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