Why Is Inter Caste Marriage An Issue Even Today?


Parents who say that they are living in 21st century and are also the people of 21st century [i.e. – open minded] are actually not of 21st century if they actually sit and think about it.

When the matter comes to marriage about their daughter, and when the daughter says that “I have someone in my life and I want to marry that person and he is not of same cast as we are”, they will start with their 17th centuries crap dialogues like,
“We have a good reputation in the SAMAJ”
“We will not accept any other samaj’s guy in our SAMAJ”
“We will cut off relation with you if you marry that guy”
“We have done so much for you and you are showing us this day”
“Our SAMAJ will not accept this and not even us”
“we care about our SAMAJS happiness and our reputation that we have earned since so many years”, and so many other giant statements that are totally stodgy.

Here is a story of a girl Sweety & Rohit her Love ,who is facing this problem these days.


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