Planets? – How many exactly?

Scientists said we have 9 Planets.9planets.jpg
The astrologers said 2nd and 9th plants are bad for your career.
Other astrologer said 3rd and 5th one is bad for your health.
The third astrologer said 8th and 9th are the obstacles for your marriage and etc etc..

3newplanets.jpgScientists said we have 3 More Planets.
So the astrologers said the 3 extra planets will not harm you, they are not calculate at all.

Scientists said the 9th Planet PLUTO is Not a Planet.
Astrologers said it will be bad for a baby that is not born and the mother who is expecting it soon.
Other astrologer said this will be bad for women’s.


And teachers, first they some how managed to make me remember the names of the 9 planets. Sun, Moon, oh I forgot the names , any ways then their was a burden on them and my poor memory to remember 3 more names, and now teacher is saying forget 4 names out of all 12 names.



What confusion is this? –

9+3 = 12
Ok 12-3 = 9
Oh 12 – 4 = 8
Mummy, please help me…

All I want to say is what will the kids remember or forget?
Why don’t they first decide what will be in the syllabus and than add the final decision in the text books from next year. Why so much of confusion for small kids now ?