For A Change

for-a-change.jpgWhat new should i get in my life that excites me ?, to do something new; I decided to change the theme of my site,get a new the look, so that I get a new topic to write atleast ๐Ÿ™‚

This time I found the theme very soon as compared to the first time. To make this site i went through 1000’s of themes, I was tired of searching a good theme for my site, I wonder where this theme was that time?
Any ways … I like this one…
Thanks again to Deep ๐Ÿ™‚

You tell me, what do you think about it?

Megha Patel.

Hutch Network Sucks Big Time

A call from Hutch to Hutch Network [Mulund West To Andheri West]
A- My Friend
B- My Self

1st Time
A-what are you doing?
B- What?
A-Wh ae ou do?
B- Ha?
A- a a o o ?
B- hellooooo
B- hellooooo
[Phone gets disconnected automatically]

2nd Time
A-What are you doing?
B- I am on net, Doing some work
A-ok, so today we are meeting at 3 pm
B- What?
A- Today we ar mee pm
B- What today we?
A- Arre to we mee
B- What are you saying? You voice is breaking
A- I said tod we a m p
[Phone gets disconnected automatically]

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Just To Rule

Lokhandwala got affected too, in evening at 04.20 PM thr was some noise out side my house, that is near Rajput Dairy in lokhandwala complex.

When we went in our gallery what we saw was few guys were fighting and throwing bamboos on each other and shouting.[I wish I had a cam]
This was for not more then 2 mins..but it was…
Just for a small STUPID issue they are creating hype, something that happen far away from Andheri is affecting Andheri, its all closed in Andheri, Lokhandwala Is Empty , all shops are closed…

hiv Sena wants to rule and nothing more thn tht..

Megha Patel.